Dear All,

After being in startup community for almost an year now, one thing I had observed is the way individual identity is dependent on one simple and blatant question... "Introduce yourself"

The first impression is nothing but the answer to this question which could be your long lasting impression. And its necessary to master it considering the current ecosystem where we introduce ourselves atleast 3-4 times in a single day.

A promising introduction should not take more than 45-60 seconds because post that its just repeat of words. 100-120 words are perfect. It will keep you Slow and steady at the same time you feel confident and organize your thoughts better. (Avoid being STEVE WOODMORE - 675 WPM Record holder).

Coming from a self-centric perspective, introduction should not talk only about your work. It should talk about

1. Passion

2. Mission

3. Vocation

4. Profession

Here is my introduction.

" Hi everyone. I am Yash Rane, Director and CEO at Chizel. Our company explores untouched application of 3D printing and we majorly deal with Architects today where we offer them miniature model of urban development designs and projects. Our company aims to be the front face of the 3D printing revolution in India

Talking to new people boost my adrenaline and learning. Hence I am closely volunteering in ASME and POCC. Though I am young graduate from IIT Roorkee, I have good connect with beats. I play drums intermittently and compose electronic beats during leisure hours. "

DO share your reviews. I would appreciate more people introducing themselves here. People learn better through observation

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Hello Everyone,

My Name is Milind and started 'Optimized Infotech' 5 Years Back, We are a leading Brand in Digital Marketing Training and Services in pune. We have a team of almost 15 Members and Offers wide range of Services like

Web Development | SEO | SEM | Google Adwords(PPC) | Graphics Design.

We have our own Ecommerce Site name and we have penetrated this site in 150 countries all over the world and doing great,

We are one of the valued service provider of  leading banks in India.

We help people to grow their business digitally.

Thanks and Regards



Hello Everyone out here,

I am Sneha, Productivity Solutions Head at Aashna Cloudtech Pvt Ltd..

I help businesses adopt Cloud Technology. 

We have a lot of entrepreneurs out here who have put up their innovative ideas at work to bring us the best products and services they have to provide, if its education, entertainment, retail, manufacturing and lots more.. Firstly CONGRATULATIONS to you all... 

We are a GOOGLE Partner hence when a new business is taking birth it starts with 1st baby step towards technology which is a "MAIL SOLUTION". Google brings their platform for all the start-ups and established enterprises on cloud called "Google For Work" helping you communicate and work anytime anywhere with your company domain onto GOOGLE with an all in one suite of apps from Google


More than 5 Million Companies have Gone Google..RedBus, SnapDeal, MakeMyTrip, IIM's, Hiranandani Estates, Neelkamal Plastics..many more

Any vertical you may be in .. Let's GO GOOGLE.. We can help you get rid of servers and backups and upgrades

Reach out to me for more info or demonstration and to know more about our end-to-end cloud offerings (ERP,CRM, E-Commerce, HR solutions, Storage on Cloud, Google Products)

Sneha Kadam | Productivity Solutions Head | Mobile +91 7774003822

Offices in | USA |CANADA | INDIA | DUBAI | 


Hi Everyone,

Thank you Yash for the thread.

I am Rupesh Bhat, Founder of AspectMakers an life casting company in Pune along with my wife.

We do hand and feet life casting products cum services for individuals of any age group. This is an international service for those who do not know. This is also relatively new concept in India. You can visit my website for additional details.

My passion is to interact with like-minded people. I am an engineer and marketing professional too.

Hello Everyone, 

I am CA Akshay S Kotalwar, I am a partner in DCRK & Associates.

We four friends started this Chartered Accountancy firm in 2013. we have our head office at Prabhat Road, Pune and branch offices at Satara, Manchar and Latur. 

We offer various services Viz. Direct Taxation, Indirect Taxation, Consultancy in company related matters , business consultancy , Bank Audits etc. We are more aggressive in the field of project financing , project consulting , Govt Subsidy matters, Investments.


I like reading , keeping myself updated in finance related news , Playing Guitar in my leisure time . last but not the least i like this forum ..this forum helps Statrups in a great way. 

Looking forward to help any who needs our help.


Akshay Kotalwar


I am Vijay Kulkarni, founder of Kulvo Software.

Kulvo software is professional web and software development company based in Pune. We design, promote and host your software requirements at affordable costs. We are passionately focused on driving customer success and eagerly place our creativity and knowledge into this direction.

Our products on the Web - Website dedicated to only new property projects in Pune. - Social Network for job referrals.

Windows 8 Apps

Kulvo Notes

Kulvo Picture Puzzle

Kulvo Business Card Manager

Hey all!

I am Tara Nair, blogger at Crimson April

I am an electronics engineer turned creative lifestyle blogger. I blog about everything that gives me a good experience to share and inspire others.

I also have my interests in learning new skills related to art and craft. I love my roles being a foodie and traveler as well.

...Thank you Yash for giving us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other. This is a really good approach, your introduction being too good. All the best!!

Thank you Ms. Tara

It is really nice knowing you.

As a blogger, do you specifically blog only about new art and craft or you are open to share the startup stories as well related to art and craft? 

Hey! Yes Yash, I have planned to do so... :) There are few photographers and artists whom I am lining up for the same. They are new and want exposure to their art, though I am charging them for sharing their story, they are super willing to go ahead with this. Do let me know if you have something in your mind for the same. Would like to catch -up at Thank you so much for your kind response :)

Hi All,

My name is Shri Deshpande. Founder of Radiant Minds (  works as an Advisor & Consultant in IT strategy and management.  After spending quite amount of time in USA, UK and India with MNC (NetScape, SUN, Motorola) i decided to become an independent and my aim is to help IT SME - in IT Strategy, Management, Business Excellence. 

Best Regards,


Myself Bhushan Sale,Founder of and owner of chocolate room,Franchise Pune.

Hello everyone. I am Shailendra Mathur, Director and Co-founder at Zywie Technologies

Zywie is a healthcare and clinic management software. In its first version Zywie will enable:

  • Receptionists and doctors to book appointments and change existing ones 
  • Doctors to view their consolidated calendar, past medications and diagnosis of patients, and 
  • Patients to get automated reminders for appointments and medications.

Going forward, we want to expand Zywie to make it a single platform for addressing the diverse needs of all actors in the medical and healthcare ecosystem. Further, we want to leverage technological advances to enable cheaper, more efficient and predictable healthcare for everyone. 

Hi! I am Suchit. My passion is building products that helps people solve their challenges. I am CEO of Cognifront. My company develops excellent Engineering education software. We help teachers save 30% time and efforts and help students score 20% more marks in exams.

I play Tabla, and spend great time entertaining my kids Siraj and Aditya. My wife Meghana is my second love after Technology. One of my latest fad is driving my new sedan at 160 km/hr while playing loud music! :)


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