Dear All,

After being in startup community for almost an year now, one thing I had observed is the way individual identity is dependent on one simple and blatant question... "Introduce yourself"

The first impression is nothing but the answer to this question which could be your long lasting impression. And its necessary to master it considering the current ecosystem where we introduce ourselves atleast 3-4 times in a single day.

A promising introduction should not take more than 45-60 seconds because post that its just repeat of words. 100-120 words are perfect. It will keep you Slow and steady at the same time you feel confident and organize your thoughts better. (Avoid being STEVE WOODMORE - 675 WPM Record holder).

Coming from a self-centric perspective, introduction should not talk only about your work. It should talk about

1. Passion

2. Mission

3. Vocation

4. Profession

Here is my introduction.

" Hi everyone. I am Yash Rane, Director and CEO at Chizel. Our company explores untouched application of 3D printing and we majorly deal with Architects today where we offer them miniature model of urban development designs and projects. Our company aims to be the front face of the 3D printing revolution in India

Talking to new people boost my adrenaline and learning. Hence I am closely volunteering in ASME and POCC. Though I am young graduate from IIT Roorkee, I have good connect with beats. I play drums intermittently and compose electronic beats during leisure hours. "

DO share your reviews. I would appreciate more people introducing themselves here. People learn better through observation

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Hi Jinal,

We can help you reach maximum students in Pune. We already have tie-ups with colleges in Pune for educational service. Let us meet some time and take this forward. Please do call on 7720010049.



Hi Guys,

I'm Sapan Shah, founder of BudgetWP. We offer complete online presence for startups and businesses with a professional yet low-cost WordPress website, domain name, business emails, web hosting and range of other features only at Rs 8,999/-

I have spent countless hours learning and building WordPress websites and understand the dynamic nature of today's startups and small business owners in India. Through innovative and re-usable structuring of WordPress, we have been able to dramatically reduce the price and yet deliver stunning online presence through open-source technologies, range of plugins and choice of thousands of freely available themes.

In my spare time I write songs/poems, write about Web/WordPress and love to meet people with their ideas and visions no matter how big or small.

Hello Everyone

                    I am Dipti Panhalkar. I am clinical psychologist & trainer.I have been doing training & psychology

counseling from last 3 years through my consultation Mind Spa.

                        Passion: Designing Training programs & conducting them.

                        Mission: Mental Health awareness.To help people living stress free,happy & fulfilling life.


                        Contact: 9766672800.

I am Boni Gopalan, founder and CTO of WalkInto.  Our mission is to create enhanced Google Streetview Experiences that has both commercial as well as recreational use.  It is used to create simple Virtual Tours for businesses and towns to interesting experiences such as THE LAMBORGHINI MUSEUM or a Berlin Subway tour.    As of today WalkInto is used by 500+ professionals from all continents and we get 85K monthly visitors.

Hi everyone,

I am Vedvati Bhangaonkar, a Practicing Company Secretary based in Pune.

Since inception, we cater professional advisory services and secretarial services relating to Corporate Laws, Securities Law, Matters relating to Foreign Direct Investments and Foreign Exchange Laws, Liaison for Government approvals, setting –up of New Business, etc. Also,  alongwith these areas, we provide services in regards to Labour Laws, registering intellectual property rights (Patents, Copyrights, trademarks) and regulating the accounting and taxation of the entities

To put this in simple words, I assist the start-ups in relation to incorporating their entities that is Private Company, Public Company, One Person Company (new concept wherein just ONE person can start his OWN COMPANY!!!), LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) and Partnerships. After this formation, we assist in the annual compliances in regards to Corporate Laws.

Feel free to revert on :

Hello everyone,
My name is Abhishek Nilamber, and I run Popup Talkies - it's an alternate platform for screening and distribution of independent films.
We are working on leveraging the power of technology to curate, distribute and eventually democratize independent media.
Currently we are screening at 4 venues across Pune and are planning to expand screening to Goa, Delhi and Hyderabad soon.
You can check us out at

hi Abhishek...

nice concept

Hello Everyone , 

I am Swapnil recently I have started new venture which is city based clssified portal , I have  Software QA experiance  , PDLC , internet marketing ,  guidance to startups to grow their business are some of the areas I am working on. Also basic & easy solutions to the problems is my speciality.

Feel free to contact me on 7774977477 

Dear Yash:

Thanks for the great thread and instructions. Outstanding!

I'll post my introduction shortly. I help and assist start-up ventures in several countries, as well as companies in the USA.


Mark Smalley


My name is Mark Charles Smalley. I'm an entrepreneur and adviser to start-up companies in several countries. My expertise is identifying, developing, launching and building businesses and start-up ventures as quickly as possible. I love helping people and entrepreneurs! My focus is web-based ventures, technology, mobile apps and e-commerce. I also assist entrepreneurs in developing simple, yet powerful business plans, marketing strategies and funding. I've written more than twenty books on business, financial markets and Internet ventures.



PS I've attached a business plan I developed recently for an IT Consulting Firm.


Hello, We are software consulting company based out of Pune. We provide software development & testing services as well as we have developed software solutions in Hospitality industry known as Check-inn for Restaurant Management, Lodging Management &  Inventory Control. In the HealthCare sector we have Healit Clinic Management solutions for Gynaecologists, Ophthalmologists and Dentists.

We develop Web applications using HTML, Word Press, Magento etc. and have a good work experience working in ECommerce field. Please get in touch with us for any of your IT needs at


Thanks Yash for starting this important and basic thread. 

I am Sanju Burkule, Founder of Opex Software. Our mission is to automate everything in IT/ITES space. Get Capex kind of deliveries done in OpEx budget. Well, thats our mission. 

Our vision are deliveries are aligned to help companies create "single-click" solutions, taking the time of setting up solutions down from weeks/days/hours to hours/minutes. We mainly provide solutions that help companies to implement DevOps. It maybe all at once, or one problem at a time. 

Offerings DeployNow: Deploy a complex multi-tier application in n different environments (local, hybrid or public clouds) within a few minutes. (Factual customer data: From 10 hrs to 8 minutes). Used by IT Teams/QA Teams, reads and deploy apps directly from your existing XL files. Super easy. Single click deploy initiatives.  

TestNow: TestNow is about reducing testing time from days to hours. Here we create 100s of machines on some cloud with different browser versions on each, install customers test automation on each of these 100 machines, run the tests in parallel, monitor load on app server, provide consolidated report, send emails to stakeholders on pass/fail, destroy environments if all tests have passed. All this, in under 3 hours. TestNow Certifies product on all major/minor desktop browsers. Some mobile browsers are covered too. Awesome for quickly certifying apps on huge number of browser combinations. Super hot platform. 

SmartiX: Provide smart analytics for your app while its in operations, monitor technical as well as business metrics. Take automated actions for ensuring that your app remains available and recovers from basic errors without any human intervention. 

LBOne: Load Balancer One auto-scales your webserver/webapplication as needed. Integrated with well known monitoring software to ensure that your app serves your customers during "unpredictable" load. Opex also helps in getting your application setup in a mode where "spillover" load is handled in the cloud (i.e. if you do not have on-prem capacity). 

The vision has some more awesome cool offerings that are coming that I cannot disclose here. This is just the beginning! 

On cultural aspects, we want to create a San Jose type of a startup culture in Pune, where seniors have a lot of stake in the success of a company! 

Thanks again for the nice thread. 

Sanju Burkule

Skypeid: sanju.burkule [feel free to reach out] 

Email id: 



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