Dear All,

After being in startup community for almost an year now, one thing I had observed is the way individual identity is dependent on one simple and blatant question... "Introduce yourself"

The first impression is nothing but the answer to this question which could be your long lasting impression. And its necessary to master it considering the current ecosystem where we introduce ourselves atleast 3-4 times in a single day.

A promising introduction should not take more than 45-60 seconds because post that its just repeat of words. 100-120 words are perfect. It will keep you Slow and steady at the same time you feel confident and organize your thoughts better. (Avoid being STEVE WOODMORE - 675 WPM Record holder).

Coming from a self-centric perspective, introduction should not talk only about your work. It should talk about

1. Passion

2. Mission

3. Vocation

4. Profession

Here is my introduction.

" Hi everyone. I am Yash Rane, Director and CEO at Chizel. Our company explores untouched application of 3D printing and we majorly deal with Architects today where we offer them miniature model of urban development designs and projects. Our company aims to be the front face of the 3D printing revolution in India

Talking to new people boost my adrenaline and learning. Hence I am closely volunteering in ASME and POCC. Though I am young graduate from IIT Roorkee, I have good connect with beats. I play drums intermittently and compose electronic beats during leisure hours. "

DO share your reviews. I would appreciate more people introducing themselves here. People learn better through observation

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Hello everyone,

I am Nanda Ramaswamy, Founder , 

As a mother, I was used to making notes and question papers for my children. I observed that all mothers do the same. Different children have doubts and difficulties in different subjects. There are many websites today offering e-learning solutions, but none allow the parent/user to customize the syllabus according to the child's needs. Different schools follow different textbooks, further compounding the problem.  Parents are forced to buy the entire years syllabus from the e-learning site, whether or not the content is useful to them. is an initiative to offer parents a solution that they can tailor according to their children's needs.

Furthermore, we are proud to be an all-woman team, professionals and teachers, who have re-invented themselves and nurture a dream to make a difference. We do not need to "balance" life and work, because to us....both are one and the same.

Hi Nanda,

I completely identify with you as over the years I have been creating worksheets & assignments for my kids.

Congratulations to you & your team for having started this venture. Best wishes to you for the same.


Vasudha Shrotriya

Hi Nanda,

I have already met you in person today and all my best wishes for this venture of yours which is really inspiring for everyone and especially ladies.

Best Wishes 


Hello and thanks Yash for starting a great thread. 

Name - Santosh Maharshi

Past - Ex-Rediff, Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Reliance

Markets - India, South East Asia and some projects at global level

Current - Startup Consultant & Venture Partner. Founder at Gray Labs. 

Products - 

Passion - To help startup grow and scale audience, revenue, product and business through lean and organic growth hacking 

Contact - Reach me at (contact page, linkedin and twitter)

Really great introduction Mr. Santosh. 

A small and succinct intro is always easy to remember and recall. 

Hello Everyone,

This is Abhinav Khandelwal, Co-founder & Director at  

Sweets InBox brings authentic Indian sweets from different regions, to a common platform. My wife and I have started this journey 6 months back. We are committed to bring structure to chaotic and local player dominated sweets industry. We offer not only the famous products but the best products, a city has to offer. Our mission is to bring convenience and ease in buying sweets and snacks. We ensure to deliver fresh and fast.

I strongly believe in "Continuous learning" and taking new challenges. That's why I have left a comfortable onsite IT consultant job and gone to IIM Bangalore to learn how to create an entrepreneur oriented culture. I enjoy spending time with my family as much as I can. A proper work and life balance is a MUST. 

best of luck to you Abhinav. I had this thought for years. This will require quite an effort. Awesome to see that you are delivering it finally! 


Thanks Sanju Burkule. We should connect some time. I can be reached at +91 9545517855

Hi Abhinav,

Best wishes to you for this novel venture. You & your wife are doing the wonderful job for spreading sweetness in people's lives!!!!



Hi Vasudha,

Thanks for your kind words. 



Hi Abhinav,

Quite an interesting venture for sweet-toothed Indians.. Great Job

Best Wishes 


Thanks Sneha. :) :)




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