Since I am pretty new to Pune, I don't have any networks yet. I'm looking for internships (academic projects in IT) for a few friends for this academic year.

Thanks for the help in advance. I really appreciate it.

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Shyaam, Tell them to attend this event: http://punetech.com/get-student-interns-for-6-months-for-your-company/
About a dozen startups from POCC will be looking to hire interns there.

http://punetech.com/tag/entrepreneurs - Must read for Pune entrepreneurs
Thanks Navin. I will pass on the information.
if u are intrested to do the acadmic project in IT company then u can contact the SQTL academy.these are in

Dayasagar appartment,

yes i want to do intership boz i am student of msc comp sci

First of all dont waste your time..Because academic project is one of our circulum...Take light it..try for job.You can download a project from net..Otherwise i will send you .If you require urgently...
How are you?
This is Mahesh , own a company "Master-Mind Technologies".
I found your profile quite interesting and with hope that we have develop a mutual beneficial relationship, I would liek to know more about your profile and your free time to arrange a meeting.
Let me know.

CEO Master-Mind Technologies
Kindly visit link www.digicon.biz and send the resumes of interested candidates to info@digicon.biz
I had gone through the live project training at Informacious Systems,It is very good s/w company for internship program.

Try to go there for quality training and project knowledge.

you can Contact:-
Mobile:- (9890247930,8087427731)
Informacious System is really very good for internship i had also gone through it.

its a good organization 

mail us your cv's at info@hardcastlespatial.com


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