Ive just finished my SY Bcom and i have around a month or so before college reopens. I want to make the most of this time and I thought it would be useful to intern somewhere. Does any one have any openings/advice/suggestions!?  I need all the help i can get! Ty!

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Hi Pooja,


Please send me your Resume - abhisam07@gmail.com




Hello in what field would you like to work? I can offer you some good jobs in the hotel and real estate industry.If intrested do let me know.
Please email me your resume - contact@kalpaksolutions.com
Hi Pooja, We are a media solutions company and are looking for interns for a month market research assignment. If you are interested please give me a call at 9967786959.

Dear Pooja,

                        Please send detailed information regarding your internship as well as your resume  to info@hardcastlespatial.com.




Yatendra Sharma

Hardcastlespatial Solution

Mob: 9980496846

Please can you provide me resumes on asmaheshwari.29@gmail.com or call me on 9970285284 for further discussions.


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