India- Not Innovators' Country but a Labourer's Country

It's a little embarrassing when I  write this. We Indians never discuss ideas, we are all looking to make short term money, that's all. We are all interested in building others' ideas.

Most of our Posts everywhere online:

@ We are a team of PHP/ Android developers and we can build a great website/ App for you within your budget!

@ We are a software company and we can build a great software for your business.

@ We can help you find the right talent, we are a great recruiting company

A very few of our posts online:

We just built a fantastic App. Go check it out :)

- No ones checks, no feedback. We dont have time to check someone else's app unless it's a big hit like Whatsapp. Who cares!

We engineered an awesome machine that helps people with....

- That idea is copied man, I had that idea but never built it. 

We need a major change in our thinking. When are we going to be a country of innovators, problem solvers? We just keep talking about ideas and take it to grave with us without ever executing it! We want to build someone else's dream project; "Ohh, I'll start building my dream when I have enough money!" types. When will we becomes risk takers, the biggest fear we have is of failure. So what?! What if we fail? What if things don't work out? What if we can't make it? Atleast we tried! Maybe we will learn something!

"I dont' do right things, I just do things and make them right!"- Ratan Tata

Stop "not risking"; small, humble steps toward an innovation is what is needed...keep your day jobs but never stop learning and executing your ideas...stop being a country building others' dreams become a country of innovators!!!

Keerthi Kadam

Founder and CEO,

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My team and I are building Although this is not something new in technology we are trying ways to narrow it down to helping people find work- fight unemployment in a way. 


Dont' get offended, it's not a rant! Thanks for the idea though, I have a plenty of them myself and working on couple right now- and (soon to be launched)

No I was not having a bad day, I am just playing devils' advocate. I want people to innovate more in India. Hence the post. You can call it negative but I am sure some people who have read this post may have taken their first step already. I really hope! You can see I have justified it in the conclusion.

The way I see it, we are on our path of maturing from services to systems (products, solutions etc). We chose the path of services to fund ourselves on the way to study and make products. I guess the same may be true about many others. However, I have seen many startups think of something crazy and plain stupid. My hope lies with them. :)

Hi Keerthi, 

You should definately hear this when you get time.



I will watch this later, Gautam. Sounds like exactly what I needed to hear this morning!

Love Innovations 

This may have something to do with our culture, (lack of) available resources and struggles to make a living. No one can deny that we are a "Developing Nation" or "Impoverished Nation". In such a social environment, everyone tends to give more importance to security of job, money, family, etc. That mindset forces everyone to think in terms of services, because it is an easy way out. This is just my 2 cents. I run a IT services organization myself, so I am not blaming anyone.

There may be another interesting take to this as described in this article -


I think Govt should come to Entrepreneurs' rescue, I am not sure what happened with "Made in India" campaign. I hope our Govt realizes this sooner than we keep following the developed countries for decades to come. We all need a push and a little help from Govt can make miracles happen. 


The article mentioned by you has been sitting on my browser since yesterday. I finally found time to read it. I really feel humbled after reading the article. Our culture for sure is one of the great cultures and I am happy that every now and then we get to read amazing stuff like this. I totally agree with the author- "Start-ups won’t solve all our problems. A lone cowboy isn’t much good in the aftermath of a Hurricane Katrina. As we enter a season in which the values of do-it-yourself individualism are likely to dominate our Congress, it is worth remembering that this way of thinking might just be the product of the way our forefathers grew their food and not a fundamental truth about the way that all humans flourish."

Thanks for sharing this piece..will keep this one in mind for years to come!

Good that you quoted the last paragraph from that article. I forgot to mention that it is the most important paragraph from the article :-)


Hi Keerthi,

Thought-provoking indeed.

Some bitter truths too - "Noone checks, no feedback. We dont have time to check someone else's app unless it's a big hit like WhatsApp. Who cares!" But, this posts has ingredients to draw audience ;-)

"When are we going to be a country of innovators, problem solvers?" - Yeah! While innovations happen, I strongly feel We got to put fundamentals in place too. e.g. security at Housing Societies is hardly secure.

Valid point Ankur. Have you thought of any solution to the Security/ Watchmen at Housing Societies?

Not yet. But, few of these gaps constantly play on, & I strongly desire to offer solutions to few of those.

Frankly, Khara Sauda (read: Khara Sauda Raddi Wale) is an initiative in the desired direction. We intend to simplify Lives.


Thank You.


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