I was wondering if someone can guide me. 

I am currently located in New York, NY but I am looking forward to start a product based software company in Pune in a month or two. How long the process usually takes? Do you have any recommendations for a consultant who will help in incorporation? How much it usually costs?

**I will be very happy to pay any state mandated fees and consultant's fees but I won't pay bribes. It is fine even if it is more hassle and if it takes longer time. 

Thank you!


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It is a very straight forward process, if you contact me, I can help you set it up

Hi Prasad,

I am a consultant in the said field of FDI and VC support services. Presently we incorporate companies from other countries with strategic advise relating to Capital Structuring, PE assistance, ECB, financial advice etc.

Please do contact me at kumartejwani@gmail.com to discuss more.

Best Regards

Kumar K Tejwani

Also try out USIndiaTax.com - they may be able to help you with this

Hi Prasad,

I believe in simplicity.

Lets assume you want to start IT Business...

Then you need to register your company... it will cost you 15k (INR) and two director...with minimum capital of 1Lac rupees...

That's it...

Your are welcome to India...

For more detail....u can reach me...it will cost you zero money....

Skype: nitin.porwal

Hello Prasad, We are in midway of registration  of our very own software company, two marketing people and 1 consultant and developer if interested please feel free to contact.Have a nice day.

I suggest you begin with outsourcing your product work on BOT model and focus on sales and marketing. Depends on your capacity to invest as many time product companies get stuck up if the product fails to sell.

I mentor entrepreneurs and pursuing my PHD in Marketing with specialization in strategic dimensions of Incubators and VCs for Entrepreneur success and a few of my papers are accepted in IIM/IIT for discussions.

Have initiated an incubation activity to optimize on costs of development for prospective entrepreneurs. Have scaled startups to a level of stability and progress in past.

My contact number +918390234456, apforyou2006@yahoo.com

Thank you all for your recommendations and suggestions!! I am also doing some research as I get time. I found a few links which explains the company incorporation process in India. I thought it will be helpful to other people who might be looking forward to start a company:

1. Starting Business in India: Simplified step by step process

2. How to register company in India

3.  Business Entity Types in India

I will be contacting some of you soon! Thanks again! 

Oops...some links don't seem to work. I have uploaded the files instead!


Hi Prasad,

This is CA Anand Joshi, we are well established firm of Chartered Accountants in Pune and its Surrounding Districts. we can help you to start up your company and provide other suitable options. Incorporation of company or LLP in India is very simple your not required to pay any thin other than the fees prescribed you can write us at anand.joshi@anrk.in or info@anrk.in for any queries. you can visit our website at www.anrk.in to know more about our firm and the service which we provide. 

Thanking you

CA Anand Joshi

Designated Partner

ANRK & Associates LLP

Chartered Accountants

Hello prasad,

       It is a very simple and straight forward process. I'm in the middle of registering my own company. If your are looking for someone who can design, implement and maintain your IT network at office, do contact.

Hello rahul,

Happy to here that your starting your own venture. in case you need any services relating to direct indirect taxation and other commercial laws. we can also help you in designing and implementing financial and management accounting system. you can write me at anand.joshi@anrk.in or ananddjo@gamil.com or call me on 9371849699

good luck for your startup 

Hello Prasad,

I understand your interest of starting a company in India and I encourage you for the same. My question is why you want to register it first. My suggestion would be to find a good development team and start working on your products.

Company can be registered any time but it's important to find best resources for the team. I am in IT and specially in the development since past 11 years and I am also thinking to start a company. Let me know if you are interested to join hands and start working together.

You can call me on +91 8308833321. morning time or night time you can call me for a discussion on our plans.

I hope this would help us to establish a strong base company. Let me know, I will wait for your call.

Thank you,



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