Occasionally we get hilarious spammers such as the one who calls herself SUZZI and leaves silly messages on profiles of members. Please ignore these messages and I have gone ahead and proactively banned SUZZI from this network for spam. I am sorry for the trouble and am also glad to say that by banning SUZZI her messages will also vanish from your profile.

I know most of you won't do this, but it still needs to be said :)

* If you are considering responding to SUZZI, please don't. If you must, punestartups is not responsible!

* If you are considering imitating SUZZI, definitely don't.

Lastly, if you see anymore messages from SUZZI, do let me know and we'll have them banned immediately. 

Best regards,


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Hi Santosh

I got a message from Suzzi. I did not respond but letting you know that i got it. Please ban her.

Hi, There is a new profile Shyam.. There are too many web link post which are not relevant. And her profile details look Spam. Pls take action. 

Fixed. Thanks Shahid for the head's up.


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