My mother suffers from Knee Arthritis and has tremendous problems climbing up three floors where we live. Our building was constructed in 1987 and has only 3 floors and no lift.

Folks on the first and the second floors are not bothered since its not much of a pain to climb 2 floors, especially since they are young. So they won't contribute to installing a elevator.

I have done the running around asking several elevator companies viz Kone, Otis and some others whether a single man or 2 man lifts are available. They have responded -ve.

The standard elevator is 4 man and costs anywhere from 5 to 7 lakhs. This is way too much for me.

With the real estate prices as they are, its impossible to buy a new property (which you like) within your budget.

This calls for innovation, since I think there might be several folks in this catch 22.

I would like to fund an experiment of building 1 or 2 man elevators at minimum cost to solve this problem.

Does anybody know anybody in the elevator industry who would like to take this up?

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Some time back (nearly two years ago), I had heard of chair and staircase lifts . Also something called wheelchair lifts and open plank type elevators within the home elevator category. Maybe you can check out if these option exists or possible to implement in India .
Wish you the best in getting this done. Necessity is the mother of innovation.
You may also want to post this to IIT/engg college students and forums as they also like such challenges.
There are 1-2 person lifts available. I had seen one in an exhibition on COEP gnd. I will havr to look for the persons B-Card, but am not sure if I will find it. Anyways, funding a project and going through all the hassles that go along with it, I feel you will be better of buying one..
Please give me your contact number to discuss more.

Rajeev Sanyal
Rajeev Sanyal,

My number is 9881103124.
Rajeev, sorry I forgot to save your number after our talk the other day. Can you pls gimme your number?
Hi Harshal

how's the whole thing going, even i wish to know more on this single / two man lift, guess it will help many old people & there are many old buildings where this can be implemented
Hi Harshal,

Hydraulic lift should be a great option:
check out the picture here: http://www.lpi-inc.com/applications/images/MVLlg.jpg
or google hydraulic lifts...
I think they are on the expensive side though.


There are other means to cure the problem, if you need you can call me for more information. my cell no is 9766000667.



Can you please share this info publicly ? It would be beneficial to everyone. Thanks.

Segway has some options...


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