Hello Friends,

Over the many years of work of mine I have realized that I like to write, create presentations and present it and share ideas through those presentations.

I feel really comfortable and in my core "zone" which I am presenting. I like to communicate and share ideas while doing so.

One of the aspect of presenting is to share an idea in a very simplistic manner and to make sure the idea reaches the audience. I have a very free flowing and easy style of presenting.

I have always longed to present things using PPT slides, diagrams or even ideas doodled on tissue papers :) I simply love creating presentations that are very easy to understand and well designed.

I was wondering if there is any specific opportunity or role that I can explore where my this skill can be put to good use. I almost feel guilty of not being able to utilize my this potential to its fullest knowing how much I enjoy doing it. I always get compliments whenever I present but alas there are only so many occasions when  I can apply my these skills in a real world scenario! :)

These could well be notes in my personal diary but I never know if this discussion could lead me to something where I do presentations more often!

Many thanks and best regards,


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My 2 cents: You can offer this as a service to start-ups & Enterprises - for their Customer/Investor Communications and more. You can also write Articles, Blog on "How to do good Presentations". 

We are working on a Healthcare Platform/App targeted - and am always thinking about how best to communicate a concept/idea to the audience. I would love to pick your brains, but being a scrappy bootstrapped start-up don't have any budget (better to be Upfront rather than beat around the bush).

Knowing this, if you can still spare time and debate about the best way to present something get in touch with me ... 

k underscore vivek at yahoo.com or 777 Four Hundred 2740

All the best,


Hello Vivek,

Greetings and many thanks for your valuable inputs!

Correct, I am exploring on providing this as a service to start-ups and business because I sincerely believe and am confident that I can add good value there. Also its not just about me presenting it, I like to do meaningful work and if that helps someone I get the additional satisfaction!

My core expertise is in getting to the crux of the idea/concept/product, discussing and brainstorming on them, understanding the end users/customer base and having targeted content. Simplifying the concepts and presenting it in a manner so that every single person sitting in the audience understands it.

My presentation style includes a balanced use of actual content/idea + flow + media (animations/images/charts and other graphic tools).

I believe a graphic presentation is more involving but like to keep it just balanced enough so as to keep the professional touch with the core focus being on the idea to be pitched, supplemented with active communication and engagement with audience.

Writing a blog is a good idea but having done presentations over and over I feel real value gets created when the actual presentation reaches the audience and there is an "Aha... I get it!" moment! That is what really drives me and gives me the "Kick" of doing more presentations! :)

Nice to know of your Healthcare platform. Like I said communicating and presenting is more of my passion and I would love to help others if it makes their life easier! Sure!

I need to commit to a scalable model that works for me that also starts paying for itself as I am quite "deep" into presentations now and every presentation requires analysis and design of the idea to be presented. So it is a very involved activity almost to the extent of obsession with a subject on hand. :) Its the classic case of "we only have 24 hours to do all we want to" :) and there is so much to do.. :)

I am sure many of the friends here must be able to connect to the lyrics "Hazooron Khwahishe aisi, ke har khwaahish pe dum nikale.. Bahut nikale mere armaan, magar phir bhi woh kum nikale!" ;)

I can drop you a test mail to take this forward if we can work out some common ground!

Cheers and best luck!



I wanna create a seminar. Currently am time crunched but would like to get the presentation done.

This seminar is focussed  on "Challenges in Organising sucessful Wedding Event".... i have done some work on the content part .. need some presentation and some more content to make it juicy and enjoyable.

You could reach me on 9765647888.


Thanks Sanjay, we will coordinate this further.

Nice to know of your initiative. Sound interesting too!

I am sure we can work out an amazing presentation, given the fact that you have such an interesting and upbeat theme.

Many thanks and Best Regards,



Hello Rohit,

I need help creating a presentation for a startup that I am planning.
The presentation would be mainly used to present to investors to attract investments.

Please reply if you can help.
Hello Preetam,

Sure! Would love to help you out. Will do the best I can. I am sure you will have a very good presentation to deliver! :)

Please share/message me you email/phone so we can track this further.

Thanks and have a nice day!
Best Regards,

Hey Rohit,

It great to see enthusiast like you with a very lucrative talent. A great idea is just an idea if not presented well.

I am a founder of a startup which is in a prototyping phase. I am looking for someone to help me make a professional (but yet a little humorous elements)graphic PPT in a form of a video with background sound. If you have made something similar in the past, please send some samples and cost on itsdreamabl at gmail dot com. Will take it further from there.

I need it for investor pitch.

Dear Nilesh,

Thanks for the kind words!

You are "so true.." with what you say regarding importance of presentation.

I have worked on almost all parts of the product now, ranging from analysis/design to coding/testing myself without limiting myself to any domain/team structure. What I realize is that we all work hard! We do all the hard work, BUT when it comes to the interfacing part we take it for granted, are way too preoccupied with our commitments and prioritized TODO lists or presumptuous towards making the final finishing effort.

Many times it is because as a team a lot of our energy goes into putting the product across the finish line and thanks again to tight delivery schedules and that "small" late feature request for the "very important" customer/client,  flowing in at "just the right time" which the engineering team can always accommodate with a little bit of persuasion! ;) We all have "been there done that"! including myself, contributing the the "systematic chaos" :)

Where as the final presentation part more often than not gets treated like a "nice to have" or even an unnecessary part of the product life cycle! Surprise surprise..!!!

I have realized it over many years of my work that communication of ideas and presenting it in the most optimal way is very crucial to any successful dialog with key stakeholders. Stakeholders may be internal team members or external customers. Way too many times I have seen brilliant ideas and people not getting recognized just due to "communication gap". I feel it is unfortunate and the opportunity cost is way to high!

We live in a "real" world where success in education is decided by how we "write" in a 3 hours exam. Whom you marry is often decided in a "30 minutes" dialog - if yours is an arrange marriage like mine ;) and whether your product is worth is decided by few presentations and a POC/demo :)

While this may sound challenging but the nature of this "system" of evaluation presents us with a unique opportunities - to make the right impression and more importantly communicate effectively!

Think of the finest food not presented well!? Or not being dressed up well for "THE" day - would you walk into your marriage half dressed? ;)

I have always believed all my life that good communication is key to any "relationship" :) be it personal or professional. 



@Nilesh: If you mean an animated video encompassing graphics/images with background sounds on the lines of a product introduction showcasing its capabilities of ideas then it is certainly doable and fun!

BTW I dont just enjoy creating the presentations but presenting them too. :) Presenting is even more enjoyable than just making them.

Also I believe each presentation needs to be tailor made and customized to the personality of the presenter. The 3 P's in my terms - Presentation, Person and Product should all compliment each other. IMHO, that is the fine balance and consistency that really is the beauty of a good presentation. They should all gel well together seamlessly with the most focus being on the idea/though being presented.


Hey Rohit,

Yes, I agree with the presentation priority. I rally hope you will understand and deliver to the vision I hold for my product. It would be great if you could send me some samples of you work and its cost to itsdreamabl@gmail.com?

Once I receive them, we'll immediately take it further as I am sincerely pressed with time.



Sure Nilesh, I will follow up with you :)

Hello Rohit,

Would like to discuss my requirements with you and see if you can help us get the message out. Please drop me an email and will take it from there.

krishan dot mittal @ gmail



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