As an entrepreneur, we always seek for new opportunities. The opportunities may be in terms of connecting to peers, seeking new customers, understanding investors or networking with fellow entrepreneurs. 

Pune's ecosystem is still budding for startups and hence platforms like POCC play very integral role to promote company's as well as founders' visibility.

A 4-point strategy that I have come across that could be very effective i.e. from starting a POCC profile to one-to-one interaction with targeted audience. 

1. Profile Information: Keep the profile information succinct and spruce (and UPDATED). Its the first impression that can convert a profile visit to quick conversation on phone. Visit Introduce yourself demo here

2. Uploading photograph: It is said that many a times investors / customers invest in people rather than the company. Never stay behind to showcase who you are. Photograph helps significantly to remember fellow member if they are sitting on the next table at random coffee shop. 

3. Forums: Its the first way to kick off an interaction with your targeted audience. Choose your area of expertise, write your reviews and start your own conversation. 

Apart from Sharing your posts on twitter and FB, you can categorize the posts in pre-available options and use "TAG" words to highlight the content.  

4. Events: POCC members participate in multiple offline events. Checkout upcoming events in and around the city. POCC offers the most updated event list across domain. Catch up with fellow POCC members at these events thereby taking your online identity to personal level interaction.

Keep Sharing.. Keep learning..!! 

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Thanks..Its really informative

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