Hello there,

I am new to POCC and was wondering how can I post jobs under startup jobs tab ? I posted using link below however job posting appears under latest activity and not under startup jobs.


Please advise.



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Hi Ashish,

  When you post on the website it will by default be in the 'All posts here' category. I will then pick it up from there and put in an appropriate category. This is to ensure people don't put content unnecessarily in different categories and that their value is upheld for the community members. We check for the posts regularly in the day to put in the correct category.

Hi Ashish,

To add to what Nikhil said above, I highly recommend using the following points to your advantage:

* Talk about who you are as a person, and the mission of your startup. Try to stand out from the rest of the corporate job posts.

* Make sure you have an image where your face needs to be (mug shot), it will help deliver a more credible, personal feel to your job posting. Try not to post from your startup handle, it's easy to overdo the company brand and I'd rather show that there are real people behind the startup. 

* Share the job post whereever you feel best, especially with all your friends here on this network. If you haven't made any friends here, make sure you do so.

Best regards,


Anyone here?  I had job listing posted couple of days back.  No action still.  Had even dropped a message to Nikhil.  Please move it to the jobs board.  We are planning to interview this weekend.



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