Punestartups.org is an effective and powerful medium for spreading the word about startup and technology events in Pune. Since launch, several 100 events have found their way here. For instance, the Pune Open Coffee Club draws an average of 50 to 75 attendees by posting the event details here. The good people behind punestartups.org have kept the website completely open for relevant event organizers to use the website to broadcast and manage their own events.

Posting the event online
Here is a simple step-by-step process to uploading an event to punestartups.org.

1. Ensure the event details, such as the venue, date - time are finalized
2. You will need to sign up and login on the website
3. Upload the event to the events page: http://punestartups.org/events/event/new
4. I recommend providing a summary of the event and directions to the venue
5. You can enable or disable the RSVP feature for the event. The RSVP feature is useful if you want other attendees to know who are attending.
6. If you want attendees to RSVP on your own website, make sure you put down the instructions in the event post
7. After publishing the event, you can also download an excel-friendly list of attendees with their contact information. This is incredibly useful if you want to communicate any changes to the event, or want to follow up with the attendees.

At this time, the events feature does not support paid or limited events. If you want to limit the number of attendees or want to charge registration fees online, I recommend using eventbrite or ayojak.com.

Marketing the Event
To make it incredibly easy to spread the word, the events feature allows you to broadcast the event to all your friends (and they can in turn send it out to their friends).

If you have not had a chance to build up your own network, and your event is very relevant to startups - you may reach out to contact@punestartups.org to help spread the word. I can also send out your event to all members on this network if you provide one solid reference from:
* an individual who is connected to those sponsoring, or driving punestartups.org,
* or an entrepreneur who has a startup company.

To help spread the word, also consider posting the event to the following groups.
* Punestartups on Google Groups
* LinkedIn.com

Ensure that the event is relevant to the target audience to draw a favorable response.

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