How to manage to get CST/VAT and manage tax for my side bussiness

HI I am  into trading of the products, as a side bussiness, with my current job.

Current turnover is not more than 3 - 4 lacs, VAT and CST required from my clients for billing, and hence the requirement.

Further, also requires as thinking to grow this bussiness, to online shopping, where clear registeration required by the logistics.

Please share practical pointers. To have me call back, please call me 7709085374 or message me your contact details on

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Online Procedure for MVAT and CST registration 

  1. Go to
  2. Fill the  respective Location (know your location)
  3. Write the name of Applicant
  4. Write the Pan Number of your business. (Individual Pan number in case of Proprietorship business)
  5. After filing the Form  Click on next Buttons. Information required to fill the form is mentioned in Annexure I
  6. Document upload box will appear on the screen
  7. Submit the scan documents (as given below) one by one and submit the form.
  8. In annexure B upload the Vat dealer requirement as given below.
  9. After that department will verify the soft copy of the documents and issued a VAT registration certificate.
  10. Dealer will received the VAT registration certificate by courier and  Tin number on E-mail

Documents Required for VAT and CST Registration

(Note:Each page should be scanned separately – Original documentwith clarity in JPEG format should be scanned)

1)Proof of constitution of business

a)      Proprietorship – No proof required

b)      Partnership – Partnership deed

c)       Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – Copy of the Certification of Incorporation and LLP Agreement

d)      Company – Copy of the Certification of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company

2) Proof of permanent residential address of all directors/Partners/Proprietor

(Please provide at least 2 documents out of the following documents containing the name and  present address plus Copy of Electricity  bill is mandatory- if living with somebody else consent letter is required )

3) Copy of Electricity bill is mandatory if not in your name additionally maintenance receipt is also required
Copy of passport/driving license/election photo identity card/ration card (Any 2 documents)

  Proof of place of business

  • If let out – a) Rent Agreement b) NOC from owner c) ID proof containing signature of owner
  • Owned – Purchase agreement
  • Rent Free – consent letter
  • Electricity Bill – Compulsory in all case
  • Maintenance Bill if electricity bill is not in name of concerned person

Note – If both place of Business and place of residence is let out following additional proof required:

–   Address proof and electricity bill of any relative or native place

–   NOC from above mentioned relative

–   ID proof containing signature of owner

–   Owned – Purchase agreement

–   One more proof of directors/ Partners/ Proprietor of above-mentioned address

–   Compulsory PREVISIT by department in Mumbai if both POB and POR in not in your name. In Nallasopara all the cases are under PREVISIT.

4) Two latest passport size photograph of the applicant ** (Please do not paste the photo on the printout of application.)

5) Copy of PAN card of Company

6) Copy of PAN card of all Directors/ Partners/ Proprietors

7) Demand Draft from Nationalize Bank as specified in Annexure A

For Mumbai location – in favor of Bank of Maharashtra A/C MVAT,payable at Mumbai

For Other Location – in favor of State Bank of India, A/C MVAT, payable at respective locations. 

8) In case of Voluntary Registration –Name, Tin no and Signature of dealer registered under Maharashtra VAT for more than 5 years will be required. Details required before filing of form and signature after filing of form –

9)Two cancelled cheque of Current account.

10) Profession Tax number of Directors and Company.-If the profession tax number is not yet taken then apply for the PT number and attach the photocopy of the PT application counter with the Form 101.

11) Form 18 and 32 in case of Companies.

12) After latest circular of mvat DECLARATION-CUM-INDEMNITY FORM will be required as attached in annexure B. make the signature on the form with photo and upload to the department.

Fees for mvat and cst Registration

Online Payment from Nationalize Bank

In case of Voluntary Registration

Registration Fee Rs. 5040
Security Deposit (Not refundable before 3 years) Rs. 25000

In case of Compulsory Registration (After Crossing Turnover of Rs.10,00,000)

Registration Fee Rs. 540

You may require voluntary to register , oyu can mail or pm me -


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