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Gravity Business Services


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It entirely depends on the type of business. 

If it is a platform based business, you should definitely go for SEO and performance marketing efforts. 

If its is a B2B business, you should try to establish industry contacts and build your reputation in the industry. 

any online business the biggest threat is google, and at the same time biggest growth also through google. their monopoly in the search marketing is threatening, they decide what a user wants and tweak their algorithm such a way that their relevance should be protected. they dont own any content , they manipulate content. they are into every business starting from flight booking aggregators to mobile shopping with discounts. soon the seo business will be out of business, as the base for seo is back links (again told by google earlier) now google is penalising the low quality back links (who decides quality - again google) :)))  http://www.dealsdirectory.in 


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