Every business; especially online, can seek the considerable amount of advantages from the improvement of their ranks in the search engines. It does matter, after all, to have top rankings in the search engines. But, as and when you seem to be interested in SEO services, you start receiving a range of calls or emails.

Why? Many of the companies claim that they can help you get on the Google’s first page, while others promise to help you SEO-enabled links. How is it possible for you to differentiate or tell, which one is better? Here is your quick guide that will tell you how to find the best Digital Marketing Company in Pune.

1- Check their SEO: Are they really SEO-professionals by nature?

When we say check their SEO, we don’t mean their own ranks. We mean their nature. If the SEO firm you are looking for, competitive enough? They may or may not be on the top pages of Google themselves, but they should be doing the things with the proper white hat techniques. Remember, such techniques are time-to consume, but eventually fetch you the much-needed results.

As far as the technical stuff is concerned, make sure that you check for following things-

  • Search for their company name on Google and see what other branded searches you get
  • Their meta- description should make a complete sense
  • Meta description of the SEO Company should force you to click it
  • Check whether they cover the essence or ABC or SEO
  • Do they have their own Google+ page

2- Check their portfolio

The majority of the good SEO companies are happy to list their clients on their company’s profile. It’s like the badge that they love to flaunt. Until and unless the company you are willing to hire is really secretive, the clients that they are working with should be public.

Make sure that when you are looking at their portfolio, you check following things. It is okay if they don’t have all the things listed. Some of these may be okay.

  • List of companies they have worked with
  • Case studies they have worked upon
  • Their online reviews
  • Tell them to give you the referrals or links of the sites they have worked with
  • Don’t forget to cross-check and verify the information

One of the most important things that you should know is that when you see an SEO company listing some really big brands as their “clients,” double sure on this information. Many new companies list such brands on purpose because they know that they won’t cross-check or verify this piece of information.

3- Price points for different sized businesses

If you are really looking to know how to find the best SEO Company in Pune, one of an essential aspects is to check their price point. Any good company will have different packages and price points for different sizes of the businesses. Such companies, you will find, are always willing to optimize any length of a website- from 1 page to maybe, even a 1000-pages website.

4- Go for the technicalities- Do your homework first

In order to search for the good SEO Company in Pune, you should have done your homework well. Know a bit of technicality at your end first. Learn a little bit about keyword optimization and link building so that you can talk to a company like a professional.

Check following things, thereafter-

Keyword Optimization

This is an integral part of a website’s on-page optimization. That is why, the SEO company you are looking for, should be competent enough to optimize and analyze the keywords that you are already using. Also, they should be able to suggest you the alternatives.

Linking Strategy

To test the depth of water, place your feet in it. The SEO Company you hire should be able to tell you what reciprocal linking & one-way linking is, and how it will benefit your company. They should be competent enough to perform a little analysis on the linking structure of your website, while also offering to improve it.

5- Effective reporting & communication

If you need to know how to find the best SEO Company in Pune, learn about their reporting and communication process. This, you can know, by checking with their previous clients or references. A serious and good SEO company will keep you in the loop, all the time. They will provide you detailed reports and analysis regarding the performance of your website.

No one likes the guesswork. That is why; detailed reports are required to know the performance of a site. Do not accept their verbal communication. Make sure that the company you have hired for SEO services provides you in-depth and timely reporting of everything.

Apart from this 5-point quick guide on how to find the best SEO Company in Pune, you be able to check for following points as well:

  • Value– Is the SEO Company you have chosen, providing you valuable service?
  • Saving– Is the company offering value for money and a considerable saving in comparison to others?
  • Time-Saving- Is the company chosen by you, saving your time and taking a good amount of projects?
  • Customer Care– Their philosophy on how they treat their customers should be a good indication of parameters of choosing them.

It is absolutely critical to choose a company that stands true on all the factors mentioned above. It is essential for your company’s success to have a good SEO Company and if you search for a local business in Pune, nothing like it.

A local company can offer a myriad of benefits to you. If SEO with your previous company was a daily struggle, choose wisely this time and ensure that your business does not suffer at the hands of this vital Internet aspect.

We hope that the aforementioned tips and strategies on how to find the best SEO Company in Pune would have helped you. If there is anything else that you would like us to add, do tell us in the comments below.

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Thanks for sharing important Inforation


Not sure which is the best SEO Company.

My Suggestion is to check some of the websites they worked.

Check for:

a) Responsive website.

b) Domain name selection

c) Competitor's websites

d) Domain Authority, Alexa rank, Page rank etc.

e) Social media of the website

f) Backlinks of the website etc


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