Hello All,

Can you recommend a good hosting site for a website. Or where have you currently hosted your website.

Thanks, Umesh

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We can do the hosting and domain name creation for you.

Share your mail Id so that we can send our price list.

I am not looking for a hosting company... I want to know the most preferred hosting site or server.. For example would you recommend to host the website on godaddy or bigrock or something else... where have you hosted your company website? I have currently hosted in Windows Live, but I am looking to change now. Thanks

I recommend Hostsoch for Small to medium sized businesses. I have currently few of my websites hosted with them. Best experiance so far with good support and great uptime. I can recommend the other top hosting options available in the Indian market are:






Hi, You can check with leapswitch.com.

My experience with HostGator is good, flexible with in/out ports opening. Don't go for GoDaddy, too many restrictions. We have almost 10 sites/apps on HostGator.

HostGator- Very Very best & with discounted hosting offers too. :)





I would suggest you to go for a free account on "Amazon AWS" . This is best all in one solution. You will find everything you need. 

you just need a person to configure everything. But they have the most reliable services.

- Sumit Rathore


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