Security Innovation, Pune is looking for experienced information security ninjas to grow our team in Pune who work along with our 40+ security engineers spread across the US and EU.


  • Experience: Minimum 3 years experience in the field of application security – in some office or in your dark room (later preferred).
  • College: Degrees don’t matter to ninjas. Be prepared for tough interviews.
  • Strong knowledge of application design, development and testing techniques
  • Knowledge of specific attack types and common security bug categories
  • Knowledge of a variety of programming languages (C/C++, Java/J2EE, .NET, ASM)
  • Strong capacity for debugging application and security issues.

We invite you to go through our custom set of challenges that can be found on This page is the start of the challenge and your interview process. Once you figure out what to do on the landing page, you'll be presented with another challenge, then another. It usually takes applicants 15-20 hours spread over days to finish the first 5 challenges.

If you can not figure out how to proceed from the landing page, then please look deeper at the page source -- there is a way to move to the next page. Solve as many challenges as you can and then get back to us with your (well documented) findings at with the subject as "<First Name>: Challenge Progress". 
You may have other questions, but we request you to go through the challenges first before asking them.
Good luck!

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