Dear Friends,

I started this group many years ago with a aim to establish an active community supporting startups in Pimpri Chinchwad suburban area. We had some meetings in the beginning. But then I could not spend time on this activity at all. A lot has changed in this time. Like I no more live in Pimpri Chinchwad. So I have been inactive on this forum. I barely even login to this forum.

I would like to see this group being active and members meeting often. Please feel free to arrange meetings and activities. If anyone of you like to take initiative and step up then I can make you administrator for the group.



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Hi Sandeep,

I really appreciate for your positive approach towards POCC Pimpri-Chinchwad group, which u formed few years ago.

you have gathered so many member. Your willing to make it active again is a really good thing. But same thoughts should have each and every member of group then automatically this group will be active again. Because as a single drop of water fills a bucket, so do small deed of evil; as a single drop of water fills a bucket, so do small deed of good.

If all members are ready then we can start it again, the action of individuals can have far-reaching effects.

Response from all members is expected.



Dear Dilip,

Thank you for nice words. Even if 5 friends show up for the meetup then it is a great start.

So any start is a good start. :)



Dear Sandeep ,

Thanks a lot for sharing all the information due to which we are not at all aware up till now.

I think we must start meeting one in month and then discuss who is going to lead this forum.

I will be always there to support you all in this group and want to take this as challenge to take up.

Lets have our first meeting to be on 1st  May 2019 if all members agree with this.


Bhushan Gadhave  

Managing Director

Shamrao Distributors  



p: +91 9890229172


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