Hi everyone can some one please guide me to start a professional blog .I am currently writing my own blog www.yaminiscookbook.wordpress.com .I know a couple of SEO technique and few of my recipes come on first page of google .Now i want to start a new blog related to art ,festivity, travel can some one guide me how to develop it so that i can take some advertisement .

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That's good your recipe coming when you having sub-domain. I will advise to buy new custom domain for same it will be better.

Apart from this instead of creating new blogs of every category try to create category on single blog with broad domain name.

If you need any help creating wordpress custom blogs then let me know I can help little with it.

We are presently working on "fooddevta.com", and as a company also, we are ourselves implementing all the IT related backend and front-end.

Let me remind you that what people claim about SEO nowadays is mostly not applicable. This might be helpful for you to read: E-book

Let me know if I can be of any further help.

Ankit Das

Founder, Around Love and Life



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