Green Ecosystem, knowledge hub and one stop for agriculture, renewable energy and environmental activities

As you know there is a saying that "You may need a Lawyer once in your life, A Doctor once a year, But a Farmer, you need three times a day.", We can't control our sky rocketing electricity energy bills as well as we see environment dying due to plastic usage,  Pierre Fidenci, president of ESI has rightly said, “The ocean is like a soup of plastic mostly composed of fragments invisible to the human eyes, killing life and affecting dangerously our health.” and who knows better than all of us who lives in metros about air pollution.

Now, here is where we thought we should use our technological expertise to build something which not only conveys the risks but also provide a solution in every possible way. We, Green Ecosystem is an idea which envisions to connect everyone, irrespective of profession and location with three things, agriculture, renewable energy and environment. Visit

Our website helps in following ways,
• If you are a urban resident, check for online organic food, vegetable suppliers in your city.
• Find nearest farmer, agribusiness, solar suppliers, environmental entities.
• Advertise and promote your agri, renewable energy business
• Find nearest advisor/consultant, Ask related questions, discuss innovations.
• Read free information / blogs, latest news, updated daily market rates.

• and... for more visit website

concluding, one stop solution for your every question related to agriculture, renewable energy and environment.

Green Ecosystem.. just "save it" :)

Feedback, suggestions, critics are most welcome :)

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