• Looking for creative people to work with a start-up and carry out design activities.
  • Flexible work timings.
  • Freedom to explore and express creativity. Fun and challenge of working in a start-up.
  • Our company is Nescraft Systems and our website is www.giftwise.in
  • Interested folks may send some previous works and contact details on nescraftsystems@gmail.com

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If you are still looking you may pl write to me at shaveta30987@gmail.com.

I am a freelancer graphic/web designer with 9 years of experience and have worked with clients all across the globe. I am from Chandigarh and can manage work remotely and confident of delivering Innovative collateral's. Do let me know if you are comfortable this way. If you want I can share references of my clients.

Check out few portfolio here along with my feedback- https://www.odesk.com/users/~01eacb4d0df4027064
Best Regards,
Shweta Dhhal
Email - shaveta30987@gmail.com

Hi Shweta,

Thanks for reaching out. I already have a designer working remotely. Now, I am looking for somebody based out of Pune itself.

I checked out your portfolio and it looks good! Will connect in future if I need anything.

Thanks again.

I am also looking for a full time Ui/UX designer. If you are interested to be a part of something real and big, which will make the lives of the people easy and more engaging , irrespective of the geography. Then send out your resumes at aabhishekbindal@gmail.com


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