Syndicating a fund for Angel Investments mostly into early-stage SaaS companies. Min investment commitment required is $5k / INR 4 lac per investor. Targeting at a total fund size of $100k / 60 lacs in the form of cash and another $100k in the form of Technology Investment, making it a total of $200k for Fund Q1, 2021. Reserve your seat now. 

The objective of this fund: 

  • Invest in early-stage startups from SaaS only domain 
  • Invest between $15k to $20k in cash and $20k in technology investment - so total investment per startup is around $30-$50k
  • All equity

About fund manager: 

  • COO/CTO with track recording of running positive cash-flow companies
  • Expert in operations, tech, people and over-all management required for a tech company 
  • Have been a part of pre-series A funding previously 
  • Experience in building profitable SaaS companies and scaling them to the next level
  • We will be investing back our 80 % management fees back in the fund so that the investor generates more profit
  • Fund manager investing between $5k to $10k
  • Ideally looking at a return north of 15-20% with Equity and Valuations, and targeting exit in 3-5 years

Important Dates/Timeline:

  • Sep-Oct 2020 - Investor Call 1 / Startup PItch Call 1
  • Oct-Nov 2020 - Investor Call 2 / Startup PItch Call 2
  • Nov-Dec 2020 - Building up an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) for Fund Q1, 2021
  • Jan-Mar 2020 - Investing and Disbursement of funds, in funded startups, Marketing outreach, PR Management, 
  • April-May 2020 - Fund Q3, 2021 Investor Call 1 


If you are interested Join as an Investor, please fill in the information here on this form -

If you are a SaaS Startup/Founder, pitch your startup here - please fill in this form -

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If you are interested Join as an Investor, please fill in the information here on this form -

If you are a SaaS Startup/Founder, pitch your startup here - please fill in this form -


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