Role -

Salary range - 10 L to 50L.

The role of lead is not a textbook checklist, however, there are technical responsibilities that a team must fulfil, and we expect the tech lead to ensure these responsibilities are covered and can cover them themselves if needed.
We expect tech leads to take a collaborative approach to leading their team. This is especially important when considering the amount of experience that each of our consultants brings. Given this, we expect you to:
• Respect the other members of your team and recognise you don’t always know best
• Spot gaps in team capability and figure out how to fix them as a team
• Be hands-on, able and willing to contribute to development, however, don’t expect to be coding all of the time
• Encourage the team to be pro-active, give them responsibility
Responsibilities -
• Have a clear understanding of the deployment architecture
• Have a clear understanding of the build pipeline
• Understand how you get changes into production
• Understand how all parts of the system work together
• Facilitate technical communication with other teams, both within your engagement and across other EE clients
• Actively seek to remove knowledge silos within the team
• Ensure you have a release / branching strategy in place
• Act as the primary point of contact for your team when communicating with other teams
• Ensure there is a technical vision for the team
• Liaise with environment specialists to ensure smooth deployments to production
• Encourage the team to follow good development practices aligned to EE technical values
• Feedback to the delivery lead or engagement manager on the quality of your team (good and bad)
• Recognise team members that have the potential to grow into team leads
• Ensure the use of new technologies or dependencies does not block the team
• Ensure the team keeps necessary architectural documents up to date
• Keep an eye on the long-term consequences of architectural choices and remind others when necessary
• Build good relationships with your team members. Act as a mentor when required
• Keep the client informed and engaged in the technical side of the project
• Build relationships across your client community
Technologies / Experience –
The successful candidate must have the following experience:
• Worked as the tech lead of a development/delivery team in a large organisation
• Have worked with a variety of different technical architect roles
• Be deeply proficient in at least one programming language (Java, Scala, C#)
• Be comfortable using other languages and evidence using multiple languages
• Have hands-on experience with some form of configuration management tooling, e.g. Ansible, Chef, Puppet
• Have hands-on experience of at least one continuous integration and continuous delivery technology, e.g. Jenkins, Go, Team City or Bamboo
• Full stack development experience from user interface through to data persistence
• Strong proponent of XP practices such as TDD
• Working with a delivery team to formulate an automated test strategy
• Worked as part of agile delivery teams and seen several different approaches to delivery
• Good appreciation of secure coding practices and end to end system security
The following exposure will also be looked on favourably:
• Performing an ‘architect’ role, while retaining hands-on involvement
• Working with cloud hosting platforms such as AWS, Rackspace, Azure etc.
• Infrastructure management technologies such as Cloud Formation or Terraform

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Please note -  Do you have exposure to good coding practices like SOLID Design, Dry, KISS Principales?

If yes you are the ideal candidate for us, If not you need to be fundamentally strong with Clean coding. 

Hi Ravindra,

Are you looking for full time employees or consultants/freelancers as well?



Hi Nikhil,

Yes, we are looking out for full-time employees as well as Consultants, Freelancers who can be actively involved in hands-on coding & ready to spend 8 hours in the day to Equal Experts office.



I have over 7.5 years of work experience into technologies(but not limited to) as Python, Flask Framework, API Integrations, PHP , Javascript , backbone.js, JQuery, UI Development, single page apps, UX, Splunk, Jenkins Plugin development, ServiceNow, QRadar and everything that is cloud and web based. I have worked in e-commerce, storage, banking , telecom , security domain for over 12 products and varied service based projects.
I can be an immediate joiner. Can you share the email to which I can forward my profile ? 


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