Dear All,

I make myself open for all question relating to starting up, bootstrapping, talent attraction.

Startup Experience:

  • Setup 6 micro and small enterprises. 1 Failed, 4 are success and 1 underway.
  • Enterprises include software training, lunch/snacks center, cloths store, micro dairy farm, Dosa center, Dairy parlor.
  • Help startups to set up is my passion.
  • I enjoy bootstrapping the enterprise.
  • 1.5 Years of project mentoring and guidance
  • 2.5 Years startups management
  • 1 Year of talent hunting and retaining.

Professional Background:

  • 6+ Years of Software Development using C, C++, Shell Script, Python, Sybase, Linux FS, Oracle, MySQL
  • 2.5 Years of Training in various technologies like C, Data Structures, Linux Fundamentals, C#

Please let me know if I can play any part in your organization.


Sandeep Shelke,


Generating/Creating value is worth a billion.

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