I am working on developing a blog for small businesses (Startups included)

Please read the entire post.

If you are interested in adding promotional blog post about your business to my blog, please send me below information (only as a MS Word file) at the earliest. The content can be promotional and you can say about your founders, partners, services, products, etc.

At this moment, you should not add any URL or website links in the business details.

Business Name:


Type of Business: Web development / Graphical Designing / Computer Hardware / etc.

Information about your business (up to 500 words max):

This information is required in professional English and without any spelling or grammar mistakes. Give headings, sub-headings and make paragraphs. Only such information can be published. I will let you know once the information is published and will send you the link.

Please send the word files to punegravity@gmail.com

I will be doing SEO and Promotion of this Blog, so your business reach will automatically increase.

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Dear Chittaranjan,

As per your guidelines for free business blog posting I have sent MS Word file to your specified email address. Hope you sent blog publishing confirmation soon.

Gangadhar Kulkarni
Digitechmantra Solutions

Your business information is published on my blog :-)


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