Hello Friends,

We at 100rupis.com have started a Food Unit as part of our "Make it Affordable Mission". We have 2 Burger units in Wkada Pune now. We started this last year in October and now we have gotten a good hold on the business. We call it "100rupis.com Burgers & More". 

We are into Burgers, Fries, Donuts, Pizzas, Pasta, Burritos- Globally accepted cuisine.

Franchise Fees: Rs.1.5 Lakhs
Royalty: 7% of revenue
Setup Cost: Rs.2 lakhs
Potential Revenue per Franchisee: Rs.10 lakhs/ year

In case you're interested in this Franchise please contact me through this Form: https://goo.gl/forms/tjaZfLAXtqqohw1Z2

Also, I would like to know your thoughts about- what you think about a Tech company foraying into Food Business. We have an ambitious plan of having 500 Franchises by Dec 2020 across India, US, UK, Singapore and Australia.

In case you're an investor and would like to know more, please write to me at keerthikadam1@gmail.com

Looking forward to some interaction with awesome food-tech enthusiasts.


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