hellow people. 
getting straight on the point, i have got a brilliant business idea.
(its not just me who is boasting about it though, i have done my share of research)
i have already started working on it, but there is a catch.
the idea requires a powerful internet presence, so here i am at the crossroads.
i am in need of a co-founder. 
i am listing my desires in details down:

1) he/she must be adept in making a website. now i know its a child's play for some of you, but when you call me and set up a meeting, think beforehand if you could see yourself making a website like zomato/flipkart. or you are atleast adeptly informed in the things we will need to set up something like that. 
2) he/she should have some money to invest. now i am no billionaire or something and i plan to bootstrap till i pitch successfully to an investor. to give you a clear cut idea, you must be ready to invest 30-40k at the very least. but trust me here, the way i look at the horizon, its gonna shine for us, only we have to buy the boat to reach there.
3) he/she must be smart and confident and friendly. i do not want a mild, practiced handshake and rehearsed smile. more than anything else listed above, i need a man/woman who dreams big and has the guts to go an extra mile to accomplish that.

if you think you have that much in you, i will be more than willing to have a coffee with you anytime you want. i am just a call away. 07767036992.

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