My fellow recruiters,

Recruiting is tough! Let’s pat our backs for the wonderful work we've been doing so far.

We work hard to evaluate and hire a strong tech individual using a strong expert panel. Sometimes, when all is not well, the panel doesn't find a candidate a fair fit for the current requirement. While it is obviously painful to say someone "no", I'm trying hard to find answers to the below throughout my 11+ years into recruitment -

How should we treat them?

Should we share constructive feedback with them?

Just lie to make them feel better with nothing to take home?

Just say "we'll get back to you" and obviously, never call them back.

I work for "Equal Experts" and we value the Xtreme Programming (XP) practices, we do not mandate any specific practice for our deliveries. We tend to stay away from ‘cargo cult’ agile, where people blindly follow a practice for the sake of it. Instead, we seek to always pay attention to what a given practice is really trying to achieve. No practice is a silver bullet wherein it cannot be questioned and adapted to meet the desired outcome.

We seek candidates who have working exposure to XP practices such as TDD & continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). And yeah, we don't care of previously used programming language/business domain worked.

I’m sharing a recent response from a very humble candidate who, sadly, could not make it till the end:

“Hello Ravindra,

Code pairing session with EE Panel was a very good experience for me. I introspected my session and realised that, even though I knew SOLID & TDD quite well, I took an incorrect approach to not to pay attention to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and eventually over engineered a very simple task into an unsuccessful implementation which resulted in a MESS instead of a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) :blush: I would like to thank Equal Experts for having me in the coding session through which I learned something which would surely help me in future.

My best regards to Equal Experts and wish you to get the best candidate”

We usually treat every interviewee well even if they're on a verge of rejection. Our aim is to have every individual take some learning on their back home. We send people some valuable material (books, journals, etc) to read on, the post which we invite potential candidates again in 3 months.

My experiment has got me some criticism, but on the other hand, i also earned some respect for the same. What is your approach to this issue? How do you tackle it?

Please share your story in the comments.

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