Hi All,

We are a startup in the education domain. We are need a web application for conducting examinations. Following are some high level requirements.

The technologies will be Angular 5 or NodeJS and MYSQL for the backend. The time horizon for the development of this project is 4 months i.e. till May 2014. 

If you have or know a product that can be customized or ready for fresh development, please reach out to me on rubrixindia@gmail.com.


Users (administrators and examinees)
– user management
– account Bulk import and export

Question Bank
– management of modules, topics, subtopic, questions and answers
– management of multimedia files (images, audio, video, pdf etc)
– selection, import and export of question bank

– Test management and selection (Class, Subject, Module, Topic)
– Test Mode as Practice or Examination
– Practice mode does not attach the exam to the student data for that classroom
– Provide show Answer button in Practice mode
– Test will be manual or Timed
– The questions will be displayed along with their attachment (if any)
– Real-time results and statistics with ability to delete, lock, unlock for each student
– export results in multiple formats, including custom formats
– delivery of results via email
– evaluation of text answers

– Multiple Choice Single Answer
– Multiple Choice Multiple Answers 
– Select right order of the alternative answers.
– Descriptive 
Questions and alternative answers can contain text, images, sounds, video, animations, graphic, mathematical formulas and other types of content.

For each question need the ability to set
– an explanation
– the type (from the types above)
– the difficulty (1 to 10)
– the presenting order
– full screen mode allowed (Y/N)
– the disposition of the alternative answers

For each alternative answer need the ability to set:
– an explanation
– the visualization order or the correct answer

For each test need the ability to set:
– name and description
– start/end date-time of test availability and maximum test duration
– basic points for correct, wrong and omitted answers
– minimum points to pass the exam
– random selection or ordering options for questions and answers
– option to add the “no answer” as default alternative answer
– option to display the menu of questions
– option to display a box to leave a comment to the test
– option to allow users to display grade results and/or detailed reports
– Repeating the test


Synchronize all the key data to the external data storage using either DB replication or API / Service Integration layer.

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Please check mail

Dear Mandar, 

  Please check your mail. We, at Steinn Labs (https://www.steinnlabs.com) can help you develop this product with the exact technology stack and in the said budget.

Thanks and regards. 

Please contact to me.


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