Hi Friends,

I was wondering if it's possible to meet all the people who are looking for co-founders and/or exploring some business ideas...

Can we have these kind of event?

- Thanks,

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This is a good initiative, we can further encourage the turnout by turning it in to an OpenCoffee Club event. How does Dec 5th (Saturday) work?

May be a little short notice? I think next saturday (12th Dec) should give an idea to all the people...Do we have the Shivaji Nagar - POCC meet next saturday?
No, but we can have it coincide, not a problem.

This weekend the hospitality folks are meeting.
Yes...does the regular meeting have some specific agenda? Everyone interested in starting up or looking for a co-founder, please make it to the Shivaji nagar meet next saturday...so that interested ppl can meet each other...
That's a good theme
Good initiative! I am in...
Are people meeting at POCC?
Will this happen in Dec?
How about tomorrow? Santosh, I have no idea about logistics (venue etc.) Could you please do this first time and we can take it forward from next month? Does Symbiosis college allow us to conduct meeting in their premises?
Well the event generated a lot of enthusiasm, right from the "aspirants and startups" to the few "been there done its". Kudos to you to initiate this. Let's see if the momentum sustains :).
Yeah...it got a lot of response...I hadn't expected so many people!


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