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I hope we all take care to keep as if it were our own website. In any case, for those of us who need the rules.


* Make friends, business partners and fans here

The best way to create visibility for yourself, your business and for your events is to nurture new connections over time as you would do in the real-world.


* Do not repeat yourself.

This includes cross-posting the same post across, groups, blogs, forums and where ever you get a space to post your information. Don't do it, it makes things harder to moderate and it creates a load of redundant information on the site reducing readability.


* Don't spam, stay on topic.

We want to listen to you talk about entrepreneurship, startups and your own story. Hard-selling your product to everyone grows old quickly and becomes the same as receiving an e-mail about growth-enhancement pills.


* We respect your privacy.

If you spot a spammer, as occasionally some get through. Let us know and we will take care of it. If we cross the line, let us know and we will work to improve ourselves where ever we can.


* Don't use Caps Lock ON when typing.


Infractions will get a warning, and if you still don't agree, we will ask you to opt out.

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Great JOB Santosh, needless to say we all appreaciate greatly POC founders efforts to create a community for people to get and share their ideas,requirements etc..



Reporting spam received.


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Hello, my name is Juliana,  i came across your profile now on this Comment Site . So I decided to stop by an let you know that I really want to have a good friendship with you. Beside i have something special i want to discuses with you, but I find it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. I will be very happy, If you can get back to me, through my e-mail.   So we can get to know each other better,and i well give you my pictures and also tell you more about me OK, you can contact me through my e-mail id Is,  Regard,Juliana,

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