Crowd funding takes a new step - Pune's own startup Punexpress is part of ignite intent

We proudly present to you launch of India's very own CROWDFUNDING website....where ideas get life!!! No more VCs, Investors to tell you what to do.

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We have three projects live and exciting rewards awaiting your funding...

1. - online grocery store

2. Multitalented Robot - by engg, college tech geeks

3. Flash Mob - Participate and Dance for the future


What do we do?

Ignite Intent gives you a platform/society to fund all your creative, brave and innovative ideas. You can either upload your idea or be a part to nurture any interesting idea and rewrite history on your own. We give you a chance of not just being a part of history but to shape it!!!

How it works?

Intent creators will set rewards for small amount of money that you will be willing to contribute. You get rewards in return and their idea shapes into reality.  Friends, family, fans, futuristic let’s get together and show the world what they are capable of. Be it a big business plan, a commercial/documentary movie or a small weekend project, IGNITE INTENT is here for you. No more banks, venture capitalist or angel investors are required to give you permission and tell you what to do.

Who all can get FUNDED?

- Entrepreneurs

- Startups

- App developers

- Musicians

- Film Makers

- Designers

- Housewives

- Sports personalities

- Dancers

Crowdfunding gives you total creative freedom and lets you to tell the world through your idea what you want to and not what others want you to!!!!!!

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Punexpress has seen real good growth since its inception with amazingly loyal customer set....we request you to check their project page.

As an entreprenurial community do come forward to support them to make it BIG and spread across all corners of Pune and showcase how the power of crowd can really achieve big things

Do visit their project page

Start Supporting ........Start Funding


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