If you are using Zoho, then you know how important proper communication is to the success of your sales and support teams. It becomes all the more imperative to have a call center system that properly integrates with your CRM to assist you with the right tools.

A Cloud Telephony service providers provide services like Calling, SMS, IVR etc. We integrate any Cloud Telephony Provider with ZOHO (includes Exotel,Ozonetel,Ringcentral,Twillio,Talkdesk,accordia, asterisk,aircall,Toky,foneco,Workphone,etc) which in turn enhancing Agent’s productivity, expedite the timely & accurate resolution of customer queries.

What you can do when you connect Telephony with Zoho CRM:
1. Preview dialer and screen pop put caller details and history in front of the agent before attending the call
2. Manage Inbound & Outbound Calls
3. Click to Call
4. Call Logging
5. Get a reminder for outbound calls
6. Jot down the main info during the call to save the effort of remembering the details after the call.
7.Call Statistics Reports to get visibility into all customer touchpoints and agent efforts.


Tell me about the PBX and call management providers that need to be integrated with Zoho CRM. Our Zoho Experts will setup and configure it for your business.
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