From Alexa to Google Home and Siri, I have seen some good stuff happening in AI Assistant Space. I want to see how the future is going to be, all we mute touch screen typing species will stop typing forever or we'll have a mix of both type and voice for decades (we already are doing this as we speak)?

What is the future going to be and what scope does it have for tech entrepreneurs?

Will eCommerce be all voice based? How customized will it become with voice based assistants?

What about regional languages? Will these assistants or future assistants help us in our own language?

Finally, do we really need them? Will it make the society really equal and happy?

What are your thoughts?

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Future is sure to be voice-driven with augmented or mix reality. The interfaces will stay longer than we assume however it will be different forms.

It will be driven by voice and video supported by mixed reality tech to bring in percieved real experience to users. Voice to Text offering translation in Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, among others, will be a key differentiator. Especially in India.

However, NLP is still not a fully cracked area in AI and will need more time to evolve, hence the use cases will need to be very specific at the moment and build on top context management AI engines which give contextual response beyond the simple translation.

Alexa and alike are very simple command-driven implementations, we will need more context-driven customized models for advanced use cases. We need more human-like interaction for greater adoption.

Hi Vishal,

Like you rightly mentioned regional language driven AI Assistance will be a key differentiator. Whether it is India or Europe or the Middle East- regional languages dominate the markets. It is going to get more complex when it comes to data in regional languages. For every 10 miles regional languages have a new dialect. But at the end if the AI is trained by people from a certain region they will be able to take advantage of AI faster.


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