Friends, We have recently launched a web portal called The concept is we tie-up with number of service providers in event or party industry and provide a Party Planning Tool, which helps the user to search and select the services required for the party (e.g. party hall, decoration, entertainment etc etc), track your budget, online invitation and track RSVP . This is in its Beta / early stages and we are in a continuous improvement phase...Any one got any ideas to share on the similar lines or would like to explore an opportunity to join our team or would like to provide any type of feedback is welcome on this discussion thread... Thank you folks.. cheers!

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Hi Ritesh, Thank you for showing interest in the concept. Can you please elaborate what kind of value add would you like to and can do to this project? thanks -rahul
Hi Ritesh, Sorry for delayed response. Yes, i know the importance of getting my website noticed and i am working on those lines. Do you have any cost effective ways of getting it noticed? There are ample ways to get it popular if you have lot of money... the challenge is getting it popular in best economical way.. let me know if you have any ideas on this, we can discuss further.
Hi Rahul,

Very interesting concept! I believe in your concept,
Few days back I was also thinking something smiler but didn't start.
I would love to be a part of your team as I've deep love n respect for creative people.
I can add value to your team in the following way:-

can give you n execute creative n innovative ideas
Im running a online magazine for health care professionals--- your potential customers.
Can promote your website online as well as offline-- spread word of mouth
Branding n marketing
Help each other to explore new sphere of innovation n creativity

Help to build n manage team -- I have earlier experience to manage a team of 5-6 ppl
n last but not least --- managing in the internal structure n work distribution etc within the company.

n what i am looking for.......
A good n creative team who work with 100% dedication n off course Lots of good Friends!
Hi, what is your portal address, pls share. shall we meet up and discuss further how can we help each other ... 9860744421 is my cell number... do call sometime and we will meet up...cheers
the add is it is for health care professional, right now it is in early stage.
my contact num is 9730576321
if u like,we can meet on Sunday 9th Aug n have some Open Coffee ;)
time u decide.



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