Website, Business model and Revenue model ready. Some amount of traction also done on the website with organic inquiries flowing in. Cofounder needed to invest , operate and carry the business further. 

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Greetings for the day. I would love to hear more about your thoughts, the concept and check if there are any synergies to associate. Can you send me an email with a brief at Also, if possible lets catch up on Skype/hangout or call... You can connect me at below medium or kindly share your details and i shall revert you back.

Skype - abhay.nawale

Hangout -

Cell - +91 9423003717 / +91 8605012887

Best regards,

Abhay Nawale


I am already working with ed-tech startup. 


Please call Rajiv Kolhe: 98220 89898.


Ms. Nair,

lets connect to discuss or mail me at

Vinay Joshi


Pls connect on

Are there any tech startups in Pune looking for an investor? I and a few other investors are seeking to make a seed/angel investment in a tech startup in Pune.

feel free to call on - 72 76 76 41 40.

Join us, i am creating another group for tech startsups too. I am in touch with many entrepreneurs who need funding and analysing their businesses.

interested...Lets Discuss


lets connect on 9028786784 to discuss or mail me at

Join this group for Edutech Startup to find investors, working partners, ideas and suggestions.


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