Website, Business model and Revenue model ready. Some amount of traction also done on the website with organic inquiries flowing in. Cofounder needed to invest , operate and carry the business further. 

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Greetings for the day. I would love to hear more about your thoughts, the concept and check if there are any synergies to associate. Can you send me an email with a brief at Also, if possible lets catch up on Skype/hangout or call... You can connect me at below medium or kindly share your details and i shall revert you back.

Skype - abhay.nawale

Hangout -

Cell - +91 9423003717 / +91 8605012887

Best regards,

Abhay Nawale


I am already working with ed-tech startup. 


Please call Rajiv Kolhe: 98220 89898.


Ms. Nair,

lets connect to discuss or mail me at

Vinay Joshi


Pls connect on

Are there any tech startups in Pune looking for an investor? I and a few other investors are seeking to make a seed/angel investment in a tech startup in Pune.

feel free to call on - 72 76 76 41 40.

Join us, i am creating another group for tech startsups too. I am in touch with many entrepreneurs who need funding and analysing their businesses.

I am working on a edu tech start up on my own.

interested...Lets Discuss


lets connect on 9028786784 to discuss or mail me at


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