My introduction to Webiction Labs here is a genuine attempt to look for a team member who can row the boat together with us. This requirement has come out of a constant battle for growth in the startup after we started it just 2 months ago. I will explain the requirement as well my expectations in words in the upcoming paragraphs.

The Story so far...


We started Webiction Labs with an intention to launch "innovative" and  "cool" products for the web. We started as 4 partners and now we are 2 partners on-site in Pune and 1 about to be introduced in the company based on his performance. One of them left as he was unable to cope up with the pressure. So if you see, we are two people left in the venture to handle the office and even develop business (which is my function) and the other to head the technology division. The one who left was supposed to handle "Operations and Project Management" as I travel a lot for my other venture as well as parallel Business development for Webiction. The other partner is handling Technology and trying to do the best he can. However, the need to have one Director (Ops & Project Mgmt.) has become critical now.
Right now, things are moving fast and we have few projects in hand, and even guarantee for the projects in the next 6-8 months from just one client. To give you an idea, we are executing projects worth almost 7 lac rupees right now, that too with a deadline to finish in just 2 months. We are not moving after a lot of clients as we DO NOT INTEND to enter the "IT Services" market and rather focus on building our own products niche. The products will not just be some small addon/tools to support some software, but the plan is to extremely go beyond the existing thoughts. Since I cannot discuss the entire business plan here, I am quite limited in my revelations.

Our expectations:


I would like someone with an experience between 6 months & 3 years (preferable) to handle:
1) Project Management (includes project SRS/Documentation) on-site and off-site
2) Handle teams
3) Office Management
4) Overall Operations
5) Treating Webiction as your own 'baby'
6) Of course, you should be a "real" entrepreneur by heart (does not mean that you already run your own business)

What's the business for you...


1) Equity in the company (to be registered as LLP/Pvt. Ltd.)
2) Compensation (depends entirely on performance of the company)
3) A lot of upcoming stuff (where I have plans to raise "big" money from investors)

Something more...


I need someone based in Pune (or Mumbai) to partner with us and work on a full time and regular basis. Flexibility of timings is definitely there, but since you have to be responsible for entire operations etc, you really can't get spare time.
This is NOT A SALARIED position and the office right now we have is on rent for an agreement period of 2 years. We need to work as Entrepreneurs and really put a lot of efforts into this. Equity will be shared in a particular ratio, I would prefer discussing that over phone / physical meeting.
If you still haven't, please email your Full Profile [Qualification, Experience, References, Interests, Out of the box work you have done] and a Cover Letter (in case you are willing to explore more about this).
Include in the COVER LETTER: why you are willing to work together, what are your thoughts / concerns about it, any expectations and also do talk about why can you pursue this kind of work easily.

Special Note...


This is only for "Entrepreneurs" and not for enthusiasts who think it is really a great idea to become "entrepreneur". Let me be very clear that it takes a toll on your health, personal life and even time if you really want to go ahead and things don't get done easily and there is a challenge every single minute.
After I go through your letter and Profile, we will meet personally and discuss things, post which the decision will be taken. This process should take about 3-7 days after your initial contact.

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