Can we send food items to other contries without having IEC ?

Hi frineds,

I would like to know if we can send food items to UAE without having the IEC. I require to send samples for the potential customer in Dubai, but do not have IEC at the moment.


Suggestion welcome.....



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You may send SAMPLES but with a undertaking stating 'not for sale'. There are other requirements I believe which are easy to comply. MCCIA's agri division shall help u out in the same.

Hey Rahul, thanks for information.
Hi Girish, thanks for the information. I was thinking of putting a saparate email to you, good to see your comments. Yes I am looking for the export-import related services specific to food items, masalas, and pulses.

i dont know about IEC but there was a builder in solapur who has planned to send chapati & chatni to UK via flight which can b in safe for 3 days...

he may guide you well

& I heard that that man has set up huge industry for it find it if you can..

& I was also planning for this but not possible to alone so if you need help then I CAN..!

hey i am an exporter.

what kind of products you need to export?

what kind of food products do you have?

may i help you in sending the products?

contact me 9637097060



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