Hello Friends,

We at POCC, have been getting quite a few requests from small and big investors that they would like to invest in Startups. We want to take this opportunity to the next level and help startups get some seed money. 

If you are looking for seed money please get in touch with me keerthibiz@gmail.com. Write "Startup looking for Seed Money" in the subject line. 

We plan to bring Startups and Investors to a platform where everyone is benefited. As a Startup make sure you have a pitch deck so that we connect well. If you are not ready for an investment please do not ask for guidance, this is not a Workshop on how to write a business plan or pitch deck. We will filter good startups and bring it to the platform. 

If you are an investor please write to me: keerthibiz@gmail.com. Write "Angel Investor" in the subject line. Make sure you are genuinely bringing in a cheque. We will ask for your background and maybe a bank statement to see if you are a genuine investor. Facilitators can stay out for now. Contact me only if you have money in your bank account. We will not entertain non-serious investors. 

Looking forward to connect Startups and Investors. 

Best Regards,
Director, POCC

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Hi Keerthi,

Great initiative by POCC. Entrepreneurs like us will surely be benefited by such forums connecting us to the investors.


Co-Founder monthend.in

Hi Shouvik,

In the coming few weeks we will be bringing more initiatives to the community. Hope it helps entrepreneurs in some way. Thanks for your support.



Looking forward for the same :)

Dear Keerthi,

With all due respect and appreciation of what POCC is doing for entrepreneurs in Pune, I wish to bring forth my thoughts about similar initiatives where in we have been asked to create elevator pitches for some investors from Mumbai willing to put in about 1 Cr in Pune startups! And I haven't heard from the gentleman till now, hope some of us got funded there. 

And the expectation is certainly not any kind of funding commitment but a genuine feedback or a critical review will be absolutely delighting which boosts the confidence of an entrepreneur. It is fuel!

Hope it's not too much of an ask.



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Hi Mayank,

There is a percentage of the crowd that claim themselves to be investors and I have had such experiences so many times with my own startup also. Now, the idea here is to get few genuine investors- do their background check and ask for a bank statement to see if they really have any money in their account. That is the only way we can validate if someone is genuine or not. With regards to feedback, we will try to get it once we are done with the session. This may take another month's time, hence we haven;t decided on a particular date as to when we could have a session or we may just forward some pitch decks to real investors and they might get back. Let's hope this will be helpful to startups in Pune.


Genuineness of Investor is a must. He or she first should be asked to commit the amount they are planning to invest in this round. 

Also Non-disclosure agreement will be a great step. 

Hi Mayank,

I identify with your experience. As an entrepreneur one learns to let these things slide and to not take it as any kind of judgement. You may be surprised to learn that it happens fairly often. 

There's very little that POCC, Keerthi can do as the conversation is really between you and your investor. What POCC can do is to make the connections the best they can and I think they are doing an appreciable job. 

Wish you the best,

Santosh Dawara.

Thanks for pitching in Santosh. To Parag's thoughts- I have been receiving quite a few Startups' emails and pitch decks. I am talking to a few angel investors currently. It will take some time to understand their backgrounds and have this session materialize. Please be assured that I am not sharing any information with anyone at this point in time.

We are in the process of doing a lot of new changes here on POCC site and make this community more interactive. We'll keep you all posted about it soon. 


Dear Keerthi, At the outset we would like to sincerely appreciate you for this initiative. This will do a great help to serious investment seekers and investors. 

Warm regards 


Hi Moses,

Thanks for your support. I have been busy through the weekend, will respond to messages and emails shortly. 


Really great initiative. It will definitely helps startups to get funding and provide easy platform to reach investor. Thanks for this.


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