I have a firm belief that, we can reduce our poverty by employing/ create ting jobs for less educated people in India.

If they get a salary of Rs. 5000/- per month, they could make it for their basic needs like food, shelter, and cloths. They are useful resource for our country’s growth. By creating jobs for them, they would get a chance to come in main stream and would help in our economic growth.       

Please suggest Business Ideas which can create jobs of less educated people.

You can reach me at : rahulpdeshmukh@gmail.com

OR Mobile : 9767051575





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here is the broad framework you can consider using :

1. Find person who is passionate and excellent about doing some thing CREATIVE

2. Find or create Opportunity ... I.e. a product or a service... Preferably tie up with another org to do this for you.

3. Get these uneducated / unemployed people to just be around this passionate creative person, they automatically
Catch the passion and learn the skill/ creative endeavour

4. Repeat ... Find next creative, passionate genius soul to add new dimension to your enterprise

Passion of the seed person is very critical in this framework and of course patience of yours and all concerned.


Hi Omkar,

Thanks for your reply.  Definitely I am considering this suggestion in my planing..



i think they should be trained in some process with the help of institute like ITI(could be mechnical/automobile industry).

Rahul, I appreciate your Noble thoughts, if more and more "privileged people "start believing on these line, India will able to resolve  most of its challenges.

Please throw more light,  where less qualified people can be consumed ( 05 th /08 th class  dropout) ? it will  trigger other readers thought process also.



Thanks Amrit, Vikram for reply,

Hi All, to be more precise I m looking for ideas to start something which can gives jobs to those young less educated crowd.   


i am the person who can train uneducated people for sales and also give them the opportunity to actively involve in advertising and promotions, i am a start up. So may need the financial help for a few months till the time birds start to fly on their own.

I deal in sales of computer software and hardware, i might need a few people in start.

This is not the best reply to your comment but i know this is the one step that would definitely make some difference.

Ravindra Joshi



Hi Ravi, I am in process of setting up corporate wellness program for companies as nutritionist main focus on companies who has in-house meal serving or canteens.

let me know if  anyone in your circle  or (trainee ) can do following 

  • Cold calling & Emails
  • Lead Generation
  • Create Contact Database
  • Assess Opportunities
  • Identify prospects

food4heal at gmail dot com, 

I too would like to help you set this up. We can plan to setup a small computer training institute where we can teach them basic english, computer typing, MS Office etc. Let me know what you think.



Hi Rahul,


I have one good idea for achieving this. Actually I had this idea in mind since a long time, but never thought about this angle. After seeing your post, I immediately realised that 90% of employees in my idea can be those less educated peopleyou have mentioned. Please contact me for details.







Hi  All,


Any one from hospitality industry, Hotel management or having experience in Air hostess /stewards training, Please contact me or if any one known to you  please refer .

  phone 9 9 7  0  5  0  9  7     7   4



Might be too far out, but you can consider using our portal Programr ( http://www.programr.com ) to teach students how to program free of cost.

Programr is basically a free online programming lab for everyone.

what type of jobs will you offer to them @ Rahul?

we would like to know a bit in details about your plans, can u share them here, or will u share them on my email- agarwalsagar3@gmail.com

And where do u live?? (which city, which state?)


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