Hi All,

Want to share with you a way in which you can interact and create awareness about your startup on this website.

All you have to do is to post to the forum. I will take it up from there to push your post to the

'Startup's Corner' and feature it on the front page for maximum visibility especially if it is relevant to a Startup audience.

Let me share some great examples of how startups are leveraging this community portal to recieve good number of visitors to their product and services and also gain invaluable feedback, suggestions and connect with customers, potential partners & investors.

SaveTime (http://www.savetime.com)

SaveTime made a post on the forum when they announced their public beta. As you can see, when you click on the link, they recieved a good response from the community and invaluable feedback from the users. They also found out competition and some potential partners as well,


Some statistics (15 day period):

Views on Website: 537

Replies: 17

Pageviews: 219

Unique Pageviews: 194

We also posted about a major milestone they reached, and the android app they launched. http://punestartups.org/forum/topics/major-milestone-for-a-pune-sta...


which they got them a total of another 167 views in a fortnite.

This post from HungerFort, http://punestartups.org/forum/topics/fresh-veg-and-fruits-at-your-door-step

has got 1909 views with 42 replies.

Another startup ToyShare (http://www.toyshare.in/), shared this on 'Startups corner',


They recieved (in 15 day period),

Views on Website: 710

Replies: 19 (Again, valuable feedback, potential partners etc.)

Pageviews: 303

Unique Pageviews: 255

So, what we want to highlight here is the efficient way in which you can reach out & engage with your customers, potential partners and investors.

Hope this information has made things easier for you, for more examples and posts check,


Nikhil Kadadi,

Community Evangelist and Admin.

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Nikhil, I recently posted a new discussion with regards to my start up. I do not know why it does not show up in the Startup Jobs forum. I like the idea of Startup Corner, can we push the same discussion here ? Here is the link to my discussion http://punestartups.org/forum/topics/interesting-in-developing-appl...

Hi Abhilash,

  When you post on the website it will by default be in the 'All posts here' category. I will then pick it up from there and put in an appropriate category. This is to ensure people don't put content unnecessarily in different categories and that their value is upheld for the community members. We check for the posts regularly in the day to put in the correct category.

I have put your post in the 'Startups Jobs and Freelance work' category because that seems more appropriate in this context.

Looking forward to more posts and updates about your venture!

Appreciated. Thanks. 

Hi Nikhil,

Much appreciated. Thanks

Jp- Jayprakash Advant

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