Battery operated electromagnetic flow meter | SS1020 |Manas Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.

Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow Meter accurately measures drift of conductive liquids from 5 µS up. As there aren't any transferring parts within the go with the flow profile the waft meter may be implemented to degree extraordinarily polluted beverages containing even strong pollutants. Evaluation and readout unit (transmitter) suggests effective and terrible waft in addition to general and custom quantity counters. Logged records may be shown on display or downloaded thru USB with Modbus protocol. Ex930 sensor to be used in probably explosive atmospheres in category II 3G EEx nA II T5/T6 is available in far off version of the flow meter.

Manas has now introduced a new type of Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow meter series. The new type of Primary flow transmitter is SS1020. It is available with integral or remote version of transmitter.

Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow meter is specifically designed where electric supply is not available & accurate flow measurement is essential.

  • Battery Operated ( Battery Life 5 Years )
  • Sizes Available from ½” to 40”.
  • Highly Accurate and extremely Linear.
  • Microvolt signal Proportional flow rate from primary flow sensor.
  • Various types of Liner & Earth electrode, both options are available.
  • Empty tube detection is also provided.

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