Are you a technical guy, or a domain (any field & any domain) expert, here's help.
We're a group of investors interested in partnering/investing/joining hands with you.
Pl ping if you've an innovative idea & with your plans in succeding the same.
If you're serious & very confident of your thoughts & ideas, pl ping mentioning when would you like to meet me for a fruitful tie-up.

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Hi Amit,

I am in a similar situation. Can we look to collaborate?

Please send me your contact details at


Rupesh Saini 


I have an idea, infact, its in execution phase, looking for investors to expand it ..


Hello Mr. Ranganath,

I have immediate plans to establish manufacturing venture based on my patented technology that is supported by TePP grant from Govt. of India and considered as Low Carbon technology. Applications almost every industry sector across international market + commercial and irrigation areas too. B-strategy is ready. You can also visit Technology Showcase to witness Live performance. Pl. reach out at +91 77385 09667,

We can certainly work this out..7768833939 Arpa

Kindly connect on or 7768833939


Have few ideas for tech start up in Pune.  Looking for investment, please contact @  Executive summary attached.




Looking for seed investment for my startup

Kindly contact me on or 8149117636.

Need investment to expand all over India and offer more services.



Hello Sir,

I have created an app for deals and discounts in pune. Please have a look and let me know.



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