Are you a technical guy, or a domain (any field & any domain) expert, here's help.
We're a group of investors interested in partnering/investing/joining hands with you.
Pl ping if you've an innovative idea & with your plans in succeding the same.
If you're serious & very confident of your thoughts & ideas, pl ping mentioning when would you like to meet me for a fruitful tie-up.

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Dear Ranganath,


We are tech savvy guys, We have expertise in Web application and Mobile Application.

We have many ideas and innovations, but due to lack of funding we have to sacrafice our dreams.

We would like to meet you, If our ideas and plans match. Then we can go further.




Hi Abhi,


Great. Nice & Glad receiving your response.


Pl let me know if we could meetup @ Coffeeday, Magarpatta City, Pune this Fri (anytime) / Saturday (in the morning.)


Awaiting your confirmation.


With Regards

Dear Ranganath,


Can we meet up on Saturday morning. Can i also have your contact number, so it would be easy to co-ordinate. 




Dear Ranganath,


I am the proprieter of Purnash design.

We are a design studio practicing industrial design.

(Please visit for more information.)


As an organisation we have come to a crossroads where we know what needs to be donde but are short of funds and/or hands.


Let me know hoe to take this forward.



Extremely sorry for the delayed response.

Would like to meet you on a week-day/week-end at your convenient time.



I Saurabh Prasad Propritor of Osar Technologies right now we are into merchandising and looking to start up with GPS thats Global Positioning System. We have the contact for sourcing and also have some client for our existing buisiness. Want to execute the new project and regarding the same I want to meet you.




Saurabh Prasad

Osar Technologies

Mr Saurabh Prasad,


Good to hear from you.

Pl let me know if we could meet this thurs/friday & the venue.





Hi Saurabh,

Pl let me know if we could meet in Coffee Day, today evening/tomorrow, near Yummy Tummy, Magarptta City.


Please take a look at

If you find it interesting, we would like to connect and see how it goes.

We are developing proprietary wet-lab technologies to meet the annual demand of ~100 million USD in drug target discovery area.

About us and
About Technology and related publications

We are willing to learn more about you (and/or your group) to see a potential match.

I am starting up a kids entertainment venture. It's unique and first of its kind in Pune.

If you would like to be associated with this venture then kindly mail me on I'll be glad to discuss further details with you.

I hold patent for step-change technology in the field of liquid dispensing. This is a digital controlled valve for precise liquid dispensing by gravity flow. Applications are like formulation batch mixing, filling, programmable dosing, pH control etc. The invention benefits the End-user most by savings in Capital expenditure, space, piping, man-power, electricity and highly important is recurring savings of raw material. The invention offers wide range of liquid dispensing from single valve and accuracies beyond international standards. This will have good impact on almost all industry sectors and irrigation too. Plan is to appoint minimum 100 System Integrators collectively from industry sectors like Oil & Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Flavours & Fragrances, Paint & Resins, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Pesticide, Polymers, Plastics, Leather, Textile and many more from various countries. The venture will deal in patented technology creation, manufacturing key products from mechanical, embedded electronics and interfacing software packages. The standardised applications will be executed by SI network. I have already received grant from TePP (DSIR, Govt of India). Technology Development Board (TDB) may also offer finance support up to 50%. For more details pl. contact, matter is on fire.


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