I have made a good progress on building good product prototype.
It has potential to be used by millions of people.

Kindly give me pointers to people who are willing to take Investment Risks. Silicon valley has lot of such people. I can't find any Angel Investors in India.

Any kind of help is appreciated. I am completely new to Investment scene in India.

Amit Ambardekar

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I guess I am not experienced enough to answer this question, but I think POCC / Pune angel network should come up with a guideline / dos and donts list for approaching investors / financial institutes.

@Amit : You haven't mentioned your domain (education / IT / finance), let alone the description of the product.

IMHO even if I genuinely wanted to help you I am clueless. I don't think person who is capable of guiding you would even spare more than 10 secs on your request.

Please share your product concept with the members. No one has the time to steal your idea, so be expressive about your product.

This is not being secretive but asking general Angel Investment Related advice.
And in that sense it doesn't add any value to know what I want to do.

Thanks for your response.

And about what it is.

It is an easy way to save and share your web sessions.

Hi Amit,

You can try writing to pune-tech-angels@googlegroups.com



U can visit www.onesturn.in

Surely u ll get a solution to it.

You are welcome to visit us at our office at BT kavde road. We provide tech innovators with complete ecosystem and support. Feel free to connect with me on abid@dhi.org.in


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