As a CEO, CFO, MD, Manager one would be busy most of the time with their works and responsibilities. Scheduling appointments for the people who would like to meet them seeking professional advice or help should not be an extra burden for them. Analyzing their schedule and providing appointments would be a time-consuming task. The main idea of this android application is to save them some time by scheduling the appointments automatically. This can be achieved by checking the Personal’s hours when somebody requests an appointment. When a person requests an appointment, the employer (whom the person requested) will be notified about the request and once they approve, it will be automatically scheduled on his android app.

Appointment system is designed to manage appointments in busy schedule. It allows you to schedule, arrange prepone and postpone appointments in very effective way. It also allows you to keep track of past appointments, their details, discussion points, images and documents etc. This system sync’s daily appointment with custom calendar control which let user to view appointments in calendar view.

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