Anyone / any company ready to share their space to promote information security awareness?


I am the organizer of Hacking and Information Security on

We have organized 2 events so far and the response has been great. Audience count has been growing for every meet-up.

We would like to know if anyone here would be willing and genernous to share their office space (and do community service by promoting information security awareness) in non-working hours / weekends for us to conduct these events? We would like to conduct 1 event every 15 days. Each event goes for  around 2 hours max.

To conduct these events, we simply need some kind of conference / training hall, with projector for the presentation. Wifi connectivity would be huge plus! Preferably located centrally within Pune city.

These events are free and we expect the same for the space. We do not earn or generate revenue that can be shared.

We promote these events and your office space location as well as company name and a special courtesy note with thanks would be mentioned in every event as well as on the event page! Anyone / any company, willing to become part of this cyber-security awareness initiative?

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Hello Sandeep,

I have my office space available for you. I have 1000 Sq. Ft. office and partitioned half of it for cabins and half as a lab. If you plan any meet on Saturday or Sunday then I hope you can utilize the space for such events. I don't have projector but I have white boards and wifi available.

Let me know the details more about such events.

I am also planning to share my office for any start-up company if anybody planning to.

Thank you,


+91 8308833321


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