Hello All,

This is my Question: Is Scrum compliant with SAS and Sox?

I am new to Scrum and have been a PM most of my career. I understand having the proper documentation for audits relating to SAS/Sox in regards to traditional PMO. I know that Scrum eliminates much of the PM type of documents and classifies them as waste but I would expect an auditor to look for certain documents relating to development and changes to systems.

Is there a guideline for SAS/Sox compliance in the Scrum world? Any checklists? Anything that anyone could recommend would be helpful.

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Hi Sarah ,

I am not into P.M but a die hard Scrum fan , and I have  been into  audit since couple of years .

Your assumption is correct Scrum focuses more on delivering working code than documentation ,but your team must have agreed upon some kind of 'Way of Working' and if it would have been documented somewhere then you can walk though the auditor with 'Way of Working' and produce evidences against agreed 'WOW'  .


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